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Goals in Spain are now scored with Bitcoin

In an innovative move, an amateur soccer team in Spain decided to change the rules of the economic game by supporting their economy with Bitcoin (BTC).

30K800 RJG FC, name of the club that participates in the amateur football league of Lorca in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, wants to stand out in a scenario where traditional financing prevails.

The decision is not only aimed at attracting the attention of fans and the football community, but also has a deep financial motivation. Indian Adrián Martínez, co-founder and president of 30K800 RJG FC, told a local media.

One of the main reasons for this initiative is the team's intention to protect against inflation. By basing their investments on Bitcoin tries to protect its economy from the negative effects of inflation This affects traditional currencies.

Bitcoin represents a solid alternative to preserve the value of the team's financial resources in the long term due to its limited supply and decentralized nature.

“Just as we could manage ourselves in dollars, we do with Bitcoin, it is not subject to inflation or centralization. It also offers advantages if the funds are well managed,” Martínez said.

Bitcoin adoption is not just limited to an investment strategy; It also becomes a differentiating element for the team. In a world where Bitcoin is still in the process of becoming fully mainstream, this team stands out for being one of the first to embrace it in this unique way.

The measure not only has an economic impact, but also strengthens the avant-garde and modern image of the team.

“If a Spanish football club had assets of 1,000,000 euros in 2020, it would now be worth 10% less thanks to inflation, while in Bitcoin that million euros would currently be equivalent to 5,000,000 euros, a 500% capital increase .” “It’s data, not opinions, the market doesn’t lie.” commented the club's president to a Lorca newspaper.

Bitcoin in sports

Although 30K800 RJG FC is one of the few clubs that has stated that it has BTC in its economy, The digital asset has also reached other sports disciplines in a different way.

As CriptoNoticias reports, since 2022, various professional athletes have announced that they are starting to receive their salaries in Bitcoin. The aim of the ever-growing initiative is to protect the value of savings from the devaluation of the dollar and to counteract inflation.

Some of these athletes include Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala, players and former players for the NBA's Golden State Warriors. He also did the same with American football player Odell Beckham.

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