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3 Bitcoin ETF Trades Are Trending Ahead of Approval

A growing group of applicants for Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have launched advertising campaigns to promote the product to investors.

The promotions come amid the excitement and anticipation generated by the potential approval of Bitcoin (BTC) spot exchange-traded funds by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It is estimated that the organism report a result by January 10 next year for the 12 companies that submitted their request. Companies have now used this waiting period to advertise. A fact that the community accepts as an indicator of a favorable outcome.

One of the first companies to advertise is Bitwise asset managementthrough a News Airing on X on December 18th. In the video, Jonathan Goldsmith, an actor known for numerous beer advertising campaigns, reads the sentence: “You know what’s interesting today, Bitcoin.”

A similar message was published on the 20th of this month by the company Hashdex. The company published a video where a number of Messages in favor of digital currency. You read: “The stock markets are not cryptocurrencies, fixed-interest securities are not cryptocurrencies.” Precious metals? No, it's not crypto either. Your Bitcoin investment deserves a company that focuses on crypto.

Van Eck too has joined the campaign with a commercial showing it a production recorded in PubKey, a Bitcoin bar in New York City. An old TV with interference issues and the BTC logo is shown. “All New York Bitcoiners should make the pilgrimage to PubKey if you haven’t tried it yet,” VanEck said in his message.

All those commercials They have provoked different reactions on social networks and have become a trend. Many of those who have commented see this news as a clear signal that ETFs from Bitcoin Checkout In 2024 they will be a reality.

But perhaps one of the most interesting readings shared by several people points to the obvious media battle that will begin after the derivatives are approved. Funds interested in launching ETFs are expected to put up a strong fight to attract potential investors.

As CriptoNoticias reports, analysts assure that the market is already emerging Two main types of competitors will emerge: those who know the cryptocurrency ecosystem well (who will have difficulty attracting large investors) and institutional players who are already trying to attract attention.

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