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5 Hidden Facts in the Bitcoin Genesis Block You Probably Didn't Know

The first Bitcoin block was mined on January 3, 2009, exactly 15 years ago, as you can see on block explorers.

The date and the encrypted message in The Genesis Block is often remembered as a special eventbecause it represents the birth of the alternative that makes it possible to distance ourselves from the traditional financial system.

As we will see below, the Bitcoin Genesis block is shrouded in a lot of mystery, not only because of the fact that its main developer has disappeared; but also through the text that Satoshi Nakamoto used to record the event.

Satoshi himself used the front page of the British newspaper The Times from the January 3, 2009 issue. The main message was highlighted: “Chancellor is about to bail out the banks for the second time.” This was the result of the 2008 banking crisis.

The front page of the Times from 15 years ago could easily be a copy of today's newspaper, showing that the traditional financial system has not changed. Source: X/71AA0.

Although Nakamoto never commented on the meaning of this text, many believe that he was referring to this newspaper cover the mission that was supposed to be accomplished with Bitcoin.

It is believed that this is precisely because Nakamoto did not agree to the bailouts of large financial institutions and therefore he wanted Bitcoin to be different.

Nakamoto apparently wrote the code for the Genesis block exactly as he wanted it, although we will probably never know exactly what was going through his mind and what reasons led him to make such decisions. But the truth is, it's still possible today to look back at the front page of the Times 15 years ago Discover several winks that the inventor of Bitcoin could give us.

The first and perhaps one of the clearest messages is the fact that Bitcoin is different from large investment banks, especially because it cannot be the subject of government bailouts. This is because, as part of its design, the intermediary is eliminated, thereby eliminating the third parties or corporate entities that may exist between Bitcoin and its users (as long as it is used directly and not through exchanges or custodial wallets). ). or other intermediaries).

The Times' second notable text points out: “Israel Prepares to Send Tanks and Troops into Gaza,” a title that seems even frightening considering that Israel is entering 2023 with new attacks in the center of the Gaza Strip completed.

So, the front page of the Times from 15 years ago It seems to be a takeover of a world paralyzed by trauma. On the one hand, there are bank failures and government bailouts that continue to impoverish humanity, and on the other hand, there is also the reflection of wars, i.e. further bad decisions by governments, while humanity remains in chaos.

Then thirdly, the title data is highlighted in pink. “Eat out for £5”, a title that can easily be linked to inflation, as it is obvious that it is no longer possible to eat in a restaurant for that amount these days. It is a reflection of an endless struggle that millions of people around the world have to fight for their survival in the face of ever-increasing costs of living.

The fourth element of the Times front page is reflected in the issue number, which appears at the top immediately after the newspaper's name. It is the number 69,523 that is close to it historical supply ceiling achieved by Bitcoin a little over 2 years ago.

The fifth curious fact is the title that appears in the top black strip: “Start collecting tokens today,” which seems like a reference to ordinal numbers. Bitcoin's native collectible tokens who were born in December 2022 and have caused controversy.

In any case, it should be taken into account that the possible reference to non-fungible Bitcoin tokens on the front page of a newspaper from 15 years ago is nothing more than a product of chance.

In short, the 2009 Times cover appears to continue to convey the same hidden message it did 15 years ago. The one that shows that it may be the best and only path to follow To improve the world, one must encourage the adoption of Bitcoin if we want to escape the trauma that is affecting the world.

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