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54 Salvadorans begin their training as Bitcoin and Lightning developers

CUBO+, El Salvador’s university program for training Bitcoin and Lightning network developers, will welcome 54 students this Monday, April 24, when it begins operations.

so that it reported tweeted the El Salvador Bitcoin Office, which added that the preparatory phase of the program will last until the end of June and will offer courses on economics and monetary history to students.

According to the announcement, these first two months have been The highlight will be a personal presentation by Saifedean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard.

Once the preparatory phase is complete, the Bitcoin developer training program will introduce students to a “more intensive and personal” phase, according to the government agency.

This means that the group will then focus on acquiring technical knowledge through to developing the interpersonal skills required to do so develop as professionals in the bitcoin industry.

So they will be focused “24 hours a day” for two weeks, Learning about programming in boot camp or software development crash programs.

The second phase is scheduled to begin in early July under the guidance of masters of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. And later, in August, the tutoring part begins, which will last until October.

The CUBO+ university program was announced on March 15 and, as CriptoNoticias reports, is the result of agreements between El Salvador and the Swiss city of Lugano, where there is broad interest in promoting Bitcoin adoption.

This first group of CUBO+ was a selection of outstanding students from the most important universities in El Salvadorall under 25 years of age.

As planned, the group will begin their Bitcoin developer training at the University of Don Bosco in the Salvadoran city of Soyapango. The plan is then to expand the program to other universities and high schools throughout the Central American country in the coming years.

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