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A public hackathon on Bitcoin and artificial intelligence begins

Important facts:
  • The event takes place online and lasts the entire month of July.

  • The competition includes workshops, programming sessions and interactive tutorials.

The Ai4ALL hackathon, organized by the companies Fedi and Stakwork, started on July 1st. The event will take place online, is open to the public and is aimed at those interested in Bitcoin technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

All month long developers, hobbyists and learners can participate in the collaborative environment on the platforms Bolt.Fun and reply.

The basic premise of the competition is to “explore and demonstrate the use of Bitcoin to democratize access to AI,” according to the organizers. Those who decide to participate must focus on that demonstrate how Bitcoin and AI can work togetherespecially over the Lightning network.

The event will award prizes of up to $10,000 to the winning project in the general topic and $1,000 for the more specific categories. This includes AI models for offering Bitcoin as a payment method, data protection, AI training and Bitcoin training.

In addition, there will be workshops, live coding sessions, interactive tutorials and expert-led mentoring, according to the official announcement.

Some of the judges who will select the winners at Ai4ALL.
Spring: Bolt.Fun

The Ai4ALL hackathon is supported by well-known bitcoin companies including Blockstream, Lightning Labs, Voltage, Spirit of Satoshi, and Lightspark. In addition, other well-known companies support the event, such as Replit, Hivemind Ventures, Zebedee and Prem.

Bitcoin and artificial intelligence are increasingly being linked

As reported in CriptoNoticias, Bitcoin and artificial intelligence are an interesting combination for many users. In fact, there are already developments in this regard, such as the chatbot Talk2Satoshi, which specializes in Bitcoin.

This interest in AI is also having an impact on the cryptocurrency market, with significant price increases in tokens related to platforms associated with the topic.

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