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Airdrop hunters have their sights set on Scroll, a new Ethereum rollup

Important facts:
  • Scroll uses Ether (ETH) as its native currency and does not currently have a governance token.

  • There are no official “bridges” to the Scroll mainnet active yet.

Scroll is a rollup (second-level scalability solution) of the Ethereum network. After several months of launching its testnet, its mainnet has now been activated.

The activation was not announced by the team behind the development of the network on its website or on its social networks. However, CriptoNoticias was able to verify this It is already operational and it is possible to connect an Ethereum wallet (e.g. Metamask) to Scroll to interact with different protocols.

Although a few hours have passed since its launch, 526 Ether (ETH), Ethereum’s home currency, have already been transferred to Scroll, equivalent to $830,000 Data by Dune Analytics.

It is important to note that the “bridges” (or bridges) Scroll through mainnet officials. Third party bridges are currently used like that of Owlto Finance, which is used to transfer assets between different networks. Although it has been proven that the above bridge is functioning properly, this must be taken into account The use of third-party solutions always entails additional risks.

Owlto Finance allows you to transfer ETH between different networks, including Scroll. Source: Owto Finance, screenshot from CriptoNoticias.

One of the reasons driving many Ethereum users to transfer ETH to this newborn network is the possibility that at some point a decision will be made to airdrop governance tokens. An airdrop is “the free and mass distribution of a certain amount of tokens or cryptocurrencies for promotional and educational purposes,” as defined in the CriptoNoticias glossary.

Rollups like Arbitrum or Optimism have rewarded their first or most loyal users with these tokens. Others, like zkSync, have promised that they will airdrop at some point.

This leads certain cryptocurrency network users to devote themselves to “hunting for airdrops.”. This means that certain actions are actively carried out to receive tokens. These measures may include early interaction with a specific network, or issuing non-fungible tokens (NFT), or interacting with as many protocols as possible, or providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges.

As CriptoNoticias reports, airdrop hunters are very active users. The most relevant ones carry out an average of more than 50 transactions per month and standard airdrop hunters make more than 21 transactions per month.

Some Influencers They start making their recommendations to qualify for the scroll airdrop. Who identifies himself on the social network as @DeFiTracer recommends Join the aforementioned decentralized exchange Owlto Finance and SkyDrome, which operates on the Scroll mainnet.

The truth is that it is so far I cannot confirm that an airdrop will be delivered. Cryptocurrency networks are not required to decentralize their governance through a DAO.

In this context, the influencer identifies himself as Diego DeFi, described that there is a situation of “euphoria” regarding Scroll. This Argentine tweeter is often critical of governance tokens, arguing that they are not typically used for this purpose, but rather They are simply viewed as another financial asset.

Scroll is a rollup of type ZK (i.e. zero knowledge). As described in the article “The Battle of Rollups” published by this information portal, ZK Rollups must “publicly provide cryptographic evidence proving the existence of a valid chain terminating in a specific state.”

Details about website Scroll this Its main feature is compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM, in English).. This means that any application designed to run on the Ethereum network can easily migrate to this second layer network:

“What sets Scroll apart in the competitive zero-knowledge rollup space is our commitment to EVM support. By pursuing seamless integration with Ethereum and prioritizing an exceptional developer experience, we are committed to revolutionizing Ethereum’s scalability potential.”

Scroll development team.

Article written in collaboration with Nicolás Antiporovich.

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