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Alchemy Pay and Trust Wallet partners to make crypto payments easier

Alchemy Pay, the fiat-crypto payment gateway, has announced its partnership with Trust Wallet, the popular digital asset wallet with over 70 million users worldwide. This alliance enables Trust Wallet users to deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrencies more easily, conveniently and quickly.

Besides, now You can convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat currency through multiple national and international payment methods. They have more than 30 national currencies and 10 million cryptocurrencies on around 100 compatible blockchains.

“Alchemy Pay is proud to partner with Trust Wallet, one of the leading crypto wallets, to provide comprehensive inbound and outbound support to a global user community. “Our unwavering commitment is to enable a seamless, compliant and secure user onboarding process on the fiat on-ramp and the crypto off-ramp.”

Robert McCracken, Head of Alchemy Pay Ecosystem.

The Cooperation The collaboration between two major companies in the ecosystem makes it possible to further advance the adoption of digital assets and reach more parts of the planet. Makes Bitcoin technology accessible to everyoneespecially for retailers who want to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Alchemy Pay enables cryptocurrency payments in conjunction with Trust Wallet

This is not the first time Alchemy payment partners with a highly respected company in the cryptocurrency industry. Binance, Polygon and Near are some of its commercial alliesand the list continues to grow with the introduction of Trust Wallet.

“By collaborating with Alchemy Pay, we are excited to offer more fiat solutions to our users and make cryptocurrencies more accessible than ever.”“.

Nate Zou, product lead at Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet users have more options to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with lower fees and diverse payment methods. And Alchemy Pay opens up a world of possibilities. The payment services company has an extensive network that allows it to offer around 300 fiat payment channels in 173 countries.

Alchemy Pay primarily focuses on the Latin American and Asian markets. It has already been integrated with other popular wallets in the region such as Pix, Maya and GCash. Last November, the company received its Money Services License in the State of IowaUNITED STATES.

To expand its service and customer portfolio, the company plans to obtain licenses and other regulatory requirements to be available in additional states in the United States, as well as in countries such as the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Currently Alchemy Pay is a provider of Third party payment services authorized by Visa and MasterCard, This is a sign of the company's solidity and good reputation. It is a matter of time before Alchemy Pay will continue to conquer the market and become a global reference.

About Alchemy Pay

Alchemy payment It is a payment gateway has been combining traditional financing with decentralized financing since 2017. It offers a comprehensive solution for traders, developers and end users to profit from cryptocurrencies and everything that Bitcoin technology has to offer them.

The company has state-of-the-art technology that can be easily integrated into other platforms and dApps. Its services include the Crypto Card, a card that allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies without having to exchange them for local currency; and NFT Checkout, a platform for purchasing NFTs using fiat payment methods.

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