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An internal conflict turned out to be the cause of the drop in prices for PEPE

Important facts:
  • A member of the team assures that the worst is over because he is in control of the Multifir portfolio

  • He stated his intention to turn PEPE into a decentralized project.

After some members of the PEPE Memecoin core team sold around 16 billion tokens (about $16 million) across various cryptocurrency exchanges without any prior notice, the official Twitter account of the development released more data about the event.

One of the team members said he was let down on August 24 compared to others Three members conducted the sale of PEPE tokens. This is done via a multi-signature wallet configured to be approved by three out of four of them, per prior agreement.

The movement caused a Sudden price fall of the crypto asset As CriptoNoticias reported yesterday, it lost 20% in value in 24 hours. And after the unexpected sale, 10 million tokens remained in the development portfolio, which is now in the hands of the author of the statement.

“I can assure you that these tokens, as well as this Twitter account, are in good hands,” the statement said. publication. He adds that the rest of the team isn’t in charge after that They will act “guided by great egos and greed.”.

“Three former team members broke in and logged into the multisig wallet behind my back and stole 16 billion, or 60% of the 26 billion available tokens, which they sent to exchanges for sale. They then unsubscribed themselves from multi-signature to eliminate any connection to PEPE by removing all their social media accounts and leaving me a message saying “multi-signature has been updated, you are now in full control”. .

Message posted on PEPE’s official Twitter account.

He added that he had started talks with some community members who would help him Make PEPE a decentralized projectso that it can “preserve and prosper”.

“I look forward to a future where lax team members and multisig wallets won’t stop me from doing my best,” said the newest PEPE team member.

In relation to 10 billion remaining tokens, reported that these were transferred to another wallet where they can remain stable until it’s time to decide whether to use them or burn them.

More than 10 billion PEPE tokens have been transferred to a new wallet owned by the last member of the development team. Source:

The veracity of the statements made by the alleged last member of the PEPE central team can be questioned as they have not been verified.

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