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Arbitrum and optimism set record-breaking prices

Important facts:
  • Arbitrum also reached an all-time high in terms of total block value.

  • ARB is up 25% and OP is up 10% in the last week.

Leading Ethereum rollups Arbitrum and Optimism's governance tokens have reached all-time high prices, a sign that they have sparked renewed interest among investors.

Over the last week, the Arbitrum Governance Token (ARB) recorded an increase of 25%.

The asset's price has increased from $1.2 to $1.75 over the past seven days, as seen in the chart below. TradingView.

ARB token price in a week. Spring: TradingView.

The increase in ARB is due, among other things, to recent developments presentation from Parallel, a new Layer 2 subnet based on Arbitrum. The aim of this network is to bring together the liquidity of different networks in one place.

The uptrend has also increased the network's total value locked, which has reached its all-time high. and reached the figure of 9.8 billion dollarsaccordingly Data by L2Beat.

Arbitrum Total Value Locked (TVL). Source: L2Beat.

Arbitrum adoption has been steadily increasing due to its ability to reduce congestion on the Ethereum network and offer fast and low-cost transactions.

On the other hand, the Optimism token, another prominent Ethereum rollup, It also reached a milestone by hitting its all-time high price days ago.

The digital asset was trading at $3.4 a week ago and reached $4.08 during the day, as shown in the chart. TradingView. The increase was 10% in a week and 108% in just a month.

OP token price in a week. Spring: TradingView.

These remarkable achievements not only signal the continued growth of rollups in the Ethereum ecosystem, but also reflect the growing maturity and acceptance of Layer 2 solutions.

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