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Are cryptocurrency debit cards coming back before the bull market?

Important facts:
  • These cards automatically convert cryptocurrencies into local money.

  • Binance, KuCoin and Coinbase are some of the exchanges that offer crypto cards.

The adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is progressing at an unprecedented pace. And one obvious example is that major companies like Visa and MasterCard now offer cryptocurrency debit cards that automatically convert digital assets into fiat currency when a purchase is made.

These cards have created quite a stir in the market and there is no doubt that they make life easier for users. Think about it: it’s much more practical and convenient Shop directly with cryptocurrencieswithout having to exchange them for fiat currency.

Solutions like this encourage a larger number of people to join the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community. Far from seeming like “nerd money,” they make digital assets accessible to everyone, even those marginalized by traditional financial institutions.

Renowned exchanges like Binance, KuCoin and Coinbase have already launched their crypto cards. And more and more companies are joining this trend. In fact, the NAKA company presented its own card at Adopting Bitcoin 2023, an event that took place in El Salvador in early November.

The LaBitConf, which took place a few days ago in Argentina, was also used as a means to promote these financial instruments. La Crypta, a community of Argentine Bitcoiners, gave event participants their debit cards for anonymous Bitcoin payments. And that is just one of many cases.

Now, there are a few details about cryptocurrency debit cards that you need to know to get the most out of them.

How exactly do cryptocurrency debit cards work?

Functions very similar to a traditional debit card. The only difference is that you don’t have to fund your account with fiat currency, but with the cryptocurrencies supported by your card provider.

Remember that when you purchase a product or service with your crypto card, you are not paying directly with digital assets. Rather, the platform automatically converts the cryptocurrency into the equivalent value in the local currency.

And that is precisely one of the wonders of this payment instrument. With cryptocurrency cards you can forget about the process of exchanging your digital assets for currencies on an exchange, everything is easier and faster. And if you have the support of Visa or MasterCard, Your card is accepted in more than 60 million establishments worldwide.

In short: There is no reason why you, as a loyal digital currency user, should not have such a debit card. But you may be wondering which one you should choose from the hundreds of options available.

One of the most popular, for example, is the Binance debit card, the Binance Card. However, in December this year it will be withdrawn from the European market. But don’t worry, there is a good replacement.

One of the most popular crypto cards on the market

A crypto card worth highlighting is the KuCard, from KuCoin, a recognized exchange in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Your Visa debit card was recently launched, November 21st to be exact.

The KuCard was recently launched and is available to European residents. Spring: KuCoin

Currently Available to residents of the European Economic Area only (EEA), but additional countries are expected to be included later. The currencies supported by KuCard are Tether (USDT) and Euro. In the future, it will support a wide range of cryptocurrencies and give users the freedom to use the cryptocurrency of their choice.

The card is compatible with payment systems such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, so you can pay with your smartphone. This integration not only provides convenience but also improves transaction security.

Anyone who wants to apply must meet certain requirements, such as completing KYC verification. The map eitheroffers exclusive rewards for its owners. The benefits include discounts in affiliated stores and the cashback program, which allows you to receive money on each of your purchases.

By the way, KuCoin has one Campaign to celebrate the launch of your card and it’s available this Black Friday. By participating you can win incredible prizes like cashbacks on every purchase and a share bonus of more than $2,200.

In terms of fees, the exchange will charge you around 10 euros to apply for the card. There are no cancellation fees, No commissions for transactions in euros. In this KuCoin articles Further information about the tariffs can be found here. As you can see, cryptocurrency debit cards offer you numerous benefits and promote the spread of digital assets around the world. They represent a bridge between traditional and decentralized finance that you should not ignore.

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