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Asia remains the beacon of growth and megatrends

Omakase is a Japanese expression meaning “I leave it in your hands” and that was the name we gave to the discussion table on Asia that we held on April 24th. Not only did we talk about the investment opportunities offered by such a heterogeneous region as Asia, but we also trusted a chef who prepared real Asian delicacies, which pleasantly satisfied more than one person, and we left the investment opportunities in Asia to the professionals.

To open our mouths, let’s start with some numbers about the region:

  • Asia is an important region in the world
  • It is the largest continent (30% of land area),
  • It is the most populous continent (60% of the total world population).
  • It is the fastest growing region in the world and the region making the greatest contribution to global growth. The IMF forecasts that it will account for 70% of GDP in 2023.
  • It has 6 members and some of the most industrialized economies of the G20,
  • It has one of the highest savings rates (around 27.5% of GDP versus 27% in Europe), with Singapore at 40.3% or China at 49.75%.
  • A strong and strong domestic demand.

We are talking about inflation, an economic downturn in developed countries but a rebound in emerging countries due to Asia, but especially due to the opening of China. Emerging market bonds offer attractive yields and reduced risk of default as many companies and governments refinanced their debt during the pandemic. +

The carry these markets offer far exceeds the potential risks and returns offered by the developed markets. We discuss all of this with Hugo Verdiere, manager of the DPAM Bonds Emerging Markets Sustainable Fund.

In times of high inflation, investors are looking for income. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on finding funds with stable remuneration and constant dividend growth, rather than the highest profitability. Steady and sustained dividend growth indicates responsible corporate governance.

In an environment where investors are torn between the US debt ceiling, core inflation data that is only very slowly weakening, and a strong labor market that is putting central banks at a crossroads, and expectations of a possible recession, the “blue chips “ A problem alternative for all investors.

Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) B EUR is part of our model fund portfolio and we interviewed Steve Smith, Chief Investment Officer at Capital Group, to get a first-hand look at the fund’s investment style, its view of the markets and asset allocation experience .

Ana Rosa Castro, Sales Director at Nordea, analyzes the opportunities that the market currently offers. Its exposure to fixed income is European covered bonds, while its equity exposure is global, more focused on quality, value and most importantly, low volatility. “We can get a very attractive expected return on fixed income,” he says.

Ricardo Comín, Sales Director for Iberia at Vontobel AM, analyzes the opportunities and risks that the current interest rate situation offers for investors in the fixed income sector. In particular, focus on BBB bonds. “Given the current level of interest rates, fixed income offers a historic opportunity,” he says.

Rocío Poquet, Head of Sales at Aegon AM, analyzes the opportunities offered by the bond market in the current interest rate scenario. The analyst, who doesn’t expect any rate cuts this year, argues for the tranche with the highest credit rating, particularly within the variable-rate category such as ABS. “There will be no rate cuts in either the US or Europe before the end of 2023,” he said.

Learn how to invest and manage your assets, investing in the best mutual funds, the companies with the best long-term prospects, or real estate investment alternatives. Fund managers, independent analysts and private banking experts tell us where to invest based on the client’s risk profile.

Investment master class with the best experts like Alejandro Martín, fund manager at Horos Asset Management; Adrià Beso, Head of WisdomTree Investments Spain; Eduardo Sallés, CEO of Top Class Capital, Alejandro Varela, manager of the Renta 4 Latin America fund and Juan Cruz Alonso, founding partner and CIO of Cygnus.

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