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Home » Atrys Health and Hospitales MAC sign an agreement to strengthen oncology and clinical diagnostics businesses in Mexico

Atrys Health and Hospitales MAC sign an agreement to strengthen oncology and clinical diagnostics businesses in Mexico

Atrys Health, a global company that is an expert in preventive and precision medicine and a pioneer in telemedicine and oncology treatments, has signed an agreement Cooperation agreement with MAC Hospitalsthe leading hospital group in opening medical units in Mexico in 2022. The main objective of this alliance is to collaborate in the fields of oncology and clinical diagnostics to provide comprehensive solutions that facilitate Mexicans’ access to quality clinical services.

Atrys’ experience and cutting-edge technology in the fields of oncology, telediagnosis and genetics, as well as MAC Hospitals’ already demonstrated ability to penetrate high-quality hospital services, will favor the development of innovative and accessible solutions for the population. The healthcare needs of Mexican citizens require the collaboration of the various players in the healthcare system, who pool their experience and strengths for the benefit of patients.

Specific areas of collaboration include oncology, diagnostic imaging, pathology, molecular pathology, genetics and telemedicine. This wide range of medical services, as well as the experience of the specialists of both companies, will allow us to offer technological solutions in precision medicine and respond to the care needs of each patient.

“We are very pleased with the agreement with Hospitales MAC, an alliance that strengthens our partner network in a country strategic for our company and allows us to provide Mexican citizens with highly specialized medical services in oncology.” so patients can have access to accurate and quick diagnoses and effective treatments,” he says. Marian Isach, Managing Director of the Oncology division of the Atrys Group.

In oncology, action began this year with the inauguration of the Atrys Cancer Care Clinic at MAC Hospital in Celaya, the only one in the Guanajuato region. Both organizations are already working on openings over the coming months, including a new cancer clinic at the recently opened MAC Hospital in León.

Leveraging Atrys’ strength and extensive experience in Europe and Latin America and the need to strengthen the early and precision diagnosis of various diseases, the agreement also provides for research into the use of telediagnostic imaging technologies, a sector in which the company has established itself. positions itself as a global market leader with more than 6 million diagnoses made per year. In line with this goal and as an added value of this strategic alliance, MAC Hospitals are working to develop a sophisticated pathology and genetics laboratory at the new Santa Fe Hospital in Mexico City, where opportunities to strengthen the value proposition in these areas are also being explored as a result of this agreement.

“This strategic collaboration between MAC Hospitals and Atrys Health represents an important step in improving medical care in Mexico by providing access to specialized services and innovative technologies. “We are combining our efforts to offer patients comprehensive and high-quality solutions and to promote the development of medicine in the country,” he says. Eduardo Verboonen, Deputy General Manager of MAC Hospitals.

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