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Attention, Bitcoin! The year 2023 comes to Madrid with the sound of financial freedom

Important facts:
  • The event will take place from October 6th to 8th, 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

  • Marc Vidal and Juan Ramón Rallo are some of the featured speakers.

For the second time in a row: Attention, Bitcoin! is taking over the streets of Madrid, Spain, turning them into the scene of one of the most epic and exciting Bitcoin technology debates. The event, which will take place from October 6th to 8th, will bring together about 30 professionals from various fields to discuss the most controversial and interesting aspects of cryptocurrency, which is synonymous with freedom.

Attention, Bitcoin! The year 2023 has news that you shouldn’t miss. This year’s edition included new activities, such as introductory workshops and open microphone sessions, This represents the perfect opportunity if you are one of those people who have a lot to say and share.

More than 600 cryptocurrency enthusiasts are expected, not counting the hundreds who will enjoy the event virtually. The goal behind Watch Out, Bitcoin! The goal is to create a free and safe space to discuss the fundamentals, challenges, controversies, and areas for improvement of Bitcoin and the ecosystem in general, all from the perspective of Hispanics.

Raise your voice at Watch Out, Bitcoin! 2023

Among the guests at the event stands out Marc Vidal, who will give the talk entitled “The arrival of CBDCs and the possible de-dollarization of economies” on Saturday afternoon, October 7th. Another renowned speaker is Juan Ramón Rallo, who will take the stage on Sunday, October 8th to talk about what you need to know about Bitcoin adoption.

In the Attention, website, Bitcoin! You have access to the complete event agenda. You can be assured that all three days will be filled with valuable content that will give you the knowledge to further empower yourself with decentralized finance and move away from dependence on fiat currencies.

The It is a special event because of its multidisciplinary approach. And decentralization represents a paradigm shift that affects almost all areas of human activity. For this reason, the guests are experts from disciplines as diverse as art, politics, philosophy, science and technology.

The debate is organized by the non-profit organization Watch Out, Freedom! organized in 2021 to discuss issues of social interest and support entrepreneurs and professionals in various fields. Money raised at the event will be used to benefit organizations with similar goals such as Watch Out, Freedom and publishing free and authoritative content not typically accessible to many.

You still have time for it Buy your ticket, but do it before they run out. And there is good news: You can get a 10% discount when purchasing your tickets by entering the code CRIPTONOTICIAS.

Stay tuned for news from Watch Out, Bitcoin! Up to date. 2023 in yours website and social networks: Twitter | Instagram.

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