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Binance launches copy trading with rewards

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Binance, the world’s largest Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchange, is launching a campaign Copy trade Futures with rewards. The platform’s new social feature allows users to replicate trading strategies and portfolios of the so-called Lead dealer in “select high liquidity markets” and earn “a share of 45,000 USDT in token coupons.”

According to the exchange, any user can become a primary trader (or Main dealer). Do it, You will receive 10% profit and 10% commission through operations reproduced by others Copy dealer.

In addition, this new feature has some social networking features. One of them allows the creation of content about trading strategies in the Binance Feed.

Regarding copy traders, Binance assures this They can follow the strategy of up to ten traders at the same timeas well as monitoring certain performance metrics of the Lead dealersuch as return on investment, profit and loss balance, Deductionetc.

Binance Copy Trading already has around 700 traders. Source: Binance

According to Binance, the new copy trading feature aims to “reduce the barrier to entry for less experienced users, who will now be able to leverage the knowledge and strategies of other traders.” The exchange clarifies that the new Copy trading accounts will function separately from futures accounts.

“With the introduction of copy trading, we continue to drive the growth of the community by giving us the opportunity to engage with and learn from other traders, while also giving us the opportunity to monetize this experience.”

Min Lin, Binance regional vice president for Latin America.

Binance Gives Away 45,000 USDT Among First “Copiers”

Signing up to take part in the award-winning activity is done with a single click next to the yellow “Start Copy Trading” button. Source: Binance

According to the official website of the Binance company has opened a copy trading campaign valid until November 6, 2023. This campaign offers the opportunity to “win a share of 45,000 USDT in token coupon rewards.” To take part, all you have to do is register Here and execute a first copy trade.

The higher the amount invested in copy trading, the higher the Binance rewards per current campaign. Source: Binance

Binance is adding risk management features to its copy trading

Binance has developed certain risk control settings within the copy trading setups. For example:

  • Orders to manage positions and limit losses, different leverage and different margin modes.
  • slip limits (slip) between 0.3% for BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT and 0.5% for other futures contracts.
  • Fixed amount allocations that allow you to maintain control over the amount of funds allocated to operations.
  • Use risk indicators through colored labels: yellow appears as a warning for leverages of 10x to 20x and red for leverages above 20x.

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