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Bitcoin Beach Wallet rewards those who promote the circular economy with stablesats

The Bitcoin Beach Wallet, a wallet that recently changed its name to Blink, has incorporated a rewards system to encourage adoption of circular economies through gamification. Therefore, during the month of September, Stablesats will be granted to each new user who joins their community at the invitation of former members.

The reward system called Blink Circles awards a stablesat or “dollarized” bitcoin (BTC) for each new user receiving a transfer in Sats (the minimum unit of bitcoin) from other members of the community.

There are several ways to win such as: details in a Twitter post.

  • “When you welcome a new Blink user by sending them their first sats, your inner circle grows by a dot.”
  • “When someone you welcomed welcomes others, your outer circle grows by one dot.”
  • “You can also track your monthly and all-time ranking.”

With each point, each user’s inner circle grows receives a dollar in stablesats. Each user receives the same amount when a new member joins the “outer circle” or the community they created.

Blink or Bitcoin Beach Wallet invites you to earn Sats through its BTC circular economy rewards system. Source: BlinkBTC/Twitter.

Incentives to expand the Bitcoin circular economy

As mentioned earlier in this article, Blink is the new name of the Bitcoin Beach wallet developed by the American company Galoy. This will support the El Zonte community in El Salvador, which has been working for years supports a circular economy project or BTC Citadel.

Zonte later gained popularity when President Nayib Bukele said he was inspired by the Bitcoin Beach community to make the pioneering cryptocurrency legal tender in El Salvador.

When El Zonte’s Bitcoin Beach released his guide to building a circular economy, his model was replicated in other parts of the world, where bitcoiners have joined forces with the idea of ​​developing citadels.

For this reason, Blink or Bitcoin Beach Wallet is one of the most widely used applications (apps) by circular economies today. the whole world. And it’s clear that the Galoy team wants it to stay that way, as they are now awarding rewards to any user who pushes their own bitcoin standard.

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