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Bitcoin closes fourth straight month in profit

Important facts:
  • Bitcoin price closed April trading at $29,400, up 2.81% monthly.

  • The month of May has ended with wins and losses just as often in the past.

Bitcoin (BTC) price closed April trading at $29,400 after starting at $28,500. Thus, this period became the fourth consecutive month to close in profit.

Bitcoin price increase in April was 2.81%. This is after growth of 22.96% in March, 0.03% in February and 39.63% in January Data from Coinglass Explorer.

Bitcoin price rose for the fourth straight month in April. Source: coin jar.

Thereforethe cryptocurrency continues to show a strong upward trend since early 2023. And according to some analysts reported by CriptoNoticias, it could continue to rise as the year progresses.

In the last ten years, Bitcoin price has closed in May with a profit or loss so many times. Exactly five times up and five times down. Therefore, historically, this month has not shown a clear direction.

Bitcoin price fell in the early hours of May. Source: TradingView.

In the early morning hours of the first day of May, Bitcoin lost slightly and reached $28,600. Although some analysts are estimating it could rise on Wednesday 3rd May after the Fed (US Federal Reserve) interest rate decision.

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