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Bitcoin community upset after Biden sported laser eyes

Important facts:
  • The laser eyes are not directly related to Bitcoin, but to the Dark Brandon meme.

  • Several politicians in the US presidential campaign have expressed their support for Bitcoin.

US President Joe Biden caused a stir in the Bitcoin (BTC) community this week. He advertises a mug that has his picture on it, but his eyes look like a red laser beam.

in a video published On the X-Network (formerly Twitter), the President shows the mug he’s using to sip his drink, then says, “I like dark coffee.”

For several bitcoin and cryptocurrency users, the promotion of the cup is a great benefit for sale Available for a little over $20 on the President’s official website seems to indicate so Biden now supports the Bitcoin ecosystem. The latter caused quite a stir in the bitcoin community, that he generally questioned Biden’s gesture; although there were also positive comments.

In this sense, cryptocurrency user Carlos Bretons claimed that in the end “everyone points to the winning horse”, i.e. to Bitcoin. “Previously against BTC and now for it. If you can’t defeat them, join them.” pondered. While the user and dealer identified as @Rnldccs assured The The United States wants to “seize” BTC.

The comments above were made with the assumption that Biden would join the list Candidates interested in Bitcoin. This takes into account that eyes are commonly interpreted as laser beams in the Bitcoin community. are a direct allusion to adoption from the Bitcoin Lightning Network, the BTC micropayments solution.

Presidents, politicians, businessmen and users have used laser eyes to show their support for Lightning. Among them, Nayib Bukele stands out, the President of El Salvador, the first country in the world to legally adopt Bitcoin.

The President of El Salvador has posted pictures of himself with his eyes visible like a laser beam, alluding to the Bitcoin Lightning network. Source: Nayib Bukele.

The Salvadoran politician has expressed his interest in Bitcoin and its technology through posts where he is seen through laser beam eyes. So did US Congressmen like Cynthia Lummis. Likewise business people like Michael Saylor or Ricardo Salinas Pliego. In the case of Biden, however, the laser eye story is different.

Biden’s laser eyes are nothing for bitcoin

Does Biden’s Cup Mean The Current President Is Now Supporting The Bitcoin Ecosystem? The answer is no. The laser eyes on Biden’s mug bear no relation whatsoever to Bitcoin or its technology, as interpreted by some members of the community.

It must be remembered that the Democratic President has stated that cryptocurrencies have no core value and recently proposed a 30% tax on bitcoin miners’ electricity consumption. Added to this are the regulatory proposals that have emerged from his office and in which It calls for more “aggressive” enforcement action against the cryptocurrency sector.

In fact, Biden’s laser eyes do Allusion to the internet meme “Dark Brandon”a negative alter ego of the Democratic President used as part of his re-election campaign.

Biden mug with laser beam eyes.
The Biden mug with the laser eyes sells for $22 on the President’s official website. Source:

This meme, which is nothing more than a caricature of Joe Biden with laser beam eyes, is a longstanding American practice. It is a strategy used for years by opponents of the governments of the time. Theoretically it means: is a malevolent being, in contrast to the one who holds power in the country at a certain point in time.

However, Biden’s campaign team wanted to use this alter ego to their advantage. So much, It’s a key part of his Biden re-election strategy. Evidence of this is the trophy that has been on sale on the President’s website since April this year. Just this month, the President called the name “Dark Brandon” at a political rally.

So, Biden’s laser eye mug ad appears to be no indication of Bitcoin adoption as part of its strategy to win votes in the upcoming 2024 election. In any case, it would be another move by his campaign team, which is campaigning for the re-election of the 80-year-old US President.

Bitcoin enters the US presidential race

As previously mentioned, the interpretation that Biden’s astute image expressed his support for the Bitcoin ecosystem is part of a trend seen in the current United States presidential campaign. where the first cryptocurrency has taken an important place.

Various US presidential candidates have been in action for several months have included BTC and its technology in their campaigns. In doing so, they exploited American interest in Bitcoin to make political promises.

Among the candidates, Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stands out, one of the most representative, who said that crypto assets can spur innovation. The nephew of assassinated former President John Kennedy, promised to abolish taxes associated with BTC.

Republican candidates include Ron DeSantis, the current governor of the state of Florida. This politician defended citizens’ right to own bitcoin. He also showed his opposition to central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and allowed himself to criticize the intentions to limit the use of BTC.

Vivek Ramaswamy, another Republican, also showed interest in Bitcoin. In his opinion, This asset should not be regulated as collateral. Additionally, he is open to donating to his BTC campaign.

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