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“Bitcoin price will grow faster in the next 10 years”

Important facts:
  • Bitcoin is the only financial asset that outperforms real inflation, says Saylor.

  • The businessman thinks long-term and makes forecasts for the Bitcoin price in a hundred years.

The next 10 years will be exciting for Bitcoin (BTC) and the price increase will see an acceleration phase. This is what Michael Saylor, president of MicroStrategy, believes, who gave a talk (via video call) at the last edition of the LaBitConf conference. This Bitcoiner meeting took place on November 10th and 11th in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

During his dissertation Saylor explained that he believes Bitcoin is the best store of value, which far outperforms the dollar (the world’s strongest fiat currency); to the most important stock indices such as the S&P500 and the NASDAQ; and even gold.

Regarding the dollar, the businessman said:

“If we think about the last century, we see that the US dollar has lost 7% of its value every year for the last 100 years. We see that the inflation rate is 2%, but the dollar has lost more than 90% of its purchasing power over the last century. This is a problem that occurs when simply printing banknotes.

Michael Saylor, President of MicroStrategy

“Only God can create more beaches”

Explain What do you think is Bitcoin’s greatest strength?Saylor used an analogy: “Look at the real estate market in Miami Beach, the dollar is depreciating against that market.” And that’s because there is a fixed amount of beach and the property value in that area is very high. Because? Why is the price rising so quickly? Because only God can create more beach. That means politicians can’t print more beach, you can’t make more beach in a factory, and neither can artificial intelligence. There is a limited and fixed quantity, so the price increases.

The distribution of Bitcoin is also limited. And not just the current currency, but also the one that could exist throughout history. This is what the same computer code of the Bitcoin network says There can never be more than 21 million BTC.

Therefore, Saylor believes that Bitcoin has all the characteristics an investor looks for in an asset that serves as a store of value:

“If we want to preserve our wealth, the investor must convert his wealth into scarce, desirable, portable, durable and durable. These are the five criteria that are very important. “You have to value every asset based on that.”

Michael Saylor, President of MicroStrategy

In Saylor’s opinion Bitcoin is one of the few (if not the only) financial assets that manages to outperform the real inflation rate, which he puts at just under 7% annually for the US dollar. Instead, he says, “What we do with many assets like the S&P500 index is offset inflation, but we don’t beat it.” Inflation continues to win.

“Bitcoin is like a digital Manhattan”

MicroStrategy’s president’s fascination with Bitcoin led him to make his company the publicly traded company with the world’s largest Bitcoin reserves. As CriptoNoticias reported on November 1, the company has accumulated 148,500 Bitcoins. Saylor is also known to be a Bitcoin investor on a personal level (although how much he owns is not publicly known).

For the 58-year-old American, “Bitcoin is the most powerful currency network in the world, but at the same time it is also a financial asset, a protocol and an ideology.” He says: “Many people find it difficult to understand all this.” He then presented several analogies to clarify what Bitcoin means to him.

For example, he said, “Bitcoin is like a digital Manhattan, made up of 21 million blocks and appealing to 8 billion people in the world.” But unlike Manhattan, Saylor explained, “Bitcoin has no maintenance costs, no development risks, no Property taxes and no high transaction costs.”

He also called Bitcoin “a bank in cyberspace, powered by incorruptible software and open to anyone on Earth.” No management fees or employees, no corporate taxes, no regulatory or risk exposures. observance».

“The Bitcoin ETF will be the first based on a synthetic asset”

Saylor commented on one of the hottest topics: Bitcoin spot ETFs. There are currently 12 ETF applications awaiting an approval or rejection decision from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Businessman is optimistic about Bitcoin ETF approvaland believes that these ETFs will be very special compared to the other existing ETFs:

“The Bitcoin ETF will be the first based on a synthetic asset. It will compete with other ETFs, such as those that follow the NASDAQ index, but unlike these, the Bitcoin ETF will be designed to keep pace with global inflation. If we compare other assets, they can be issued in large quantities and that is a problem. But Bitcoin is the only ETF that has a cap. (…) And that is because Bitcoin is the first monetary asset that is not inherently defective. When the price in the real estate market doubles, more fiat currencies are printed. But no one can create more Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor, President of MicroStrategy

“Don’t trade Bitcoin, stay tuned”

Saylor’s investment mindset is long-term. And long term really means long term for him. The businessman is already predicting what the return on Bitcoin will be in 100 years. He expects the value to rise by around 14% per year by then. And because of his long-term vision, he believes that the best investment strategy is not trading but hodl. This term refers to the practice of maintaining an investment in BTC over a long period of time.

Saylor invites her listeners to think not only of themselves, but also of their children and grandchildren. For this reason, the following forecasts are disclosed:

“If your family had $1 million and left it in dollars, a 7.5% annual loss would leave them with $900 after 100 years.” If they wanted to split the portfolio between S&P500 and Bitcoin, they would have $512 million -Earn dollars. On the other hand, if they put everything in Bitcoin, it would be $1,024 million. They would increase their money a thousand fold. Bitcoin is an economic armor, it will protect us from the economic wars that lie ahead.

Michael Saylor, President of MicroStrategy.

It should be made clear that Saylor’s statements are based on his personal research and should not be construed as financial advice. Everyone should do their own research before investing in Bitcoin or any other asset.

Michael Saylor’s talk at LaBitConf 2023. Source: LaBitConf.

A call to rethink our relationship with money

Michael Saylor’s perspective on Bitcoin presented at LaBitConf goes beyond mere economic analysis and touches on an almost philosophical vision of the future of finance and wealth preservation.

His analogy to exclusive real estate and comparison to a “digital Manhattan” underscore not only Bitcoin’s unique value, but also its value Potential as a bulwark against inflation and currency devaluation.

In a world where economic uncertainty seems to be the only constant, Saylor’s confidence is in Bitcoin as an incorruptible asset and economic armor offers a hopeful vision, not only for those of us living today, but also as a legacy for future generations. The focus on the long-term vision is a call to rethink our relationship with money, investing and wealth preservation in the digital age.

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