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Bitcoin will reach all public schools in El Salvador in 2024

Important facts:
  • The BTC educational program is used in 10 countries and translated into 5 languages.

  • The Salvadoran NGO Diploma will also boost Bitcoin education in the UK.

More than 5,000 public network educational centers in El Salvador will welcome Bitcoin (BTC) learning starting in 2024. This will be possible due to a recently signed agreement between the non-governmental organization (NGO) Mi Primer Bitcoin, the Ministry of Bitcoin (BTC) Education and the National Bitcoin Office.

Based on the agreement, public sector teachers will then start a training program on the idea Teach students about the importance and potential of Bitcoin.

With that in mind, September will see the My First Bitcoin team Start training 150 public school teachers on e-cash Peer to peer. “We are concentrating on El Salvador to expand it to the whole world,” said Dalia Platt an interview Aired yesterday on YouTube.

Platt, who designed the My First Bitcoin curriculum, spoke to British Bitcoin expert Krista Edmunds about using the Salvadoran NGO’s program for children in El Salvador to learn about the first cryptocurrency.

More than 25,000 people have received Bitcoin training in El Salvador thanks to the Mi Primer Bitcoin program. Source: itsmaxdemarco/Twitter.

Bitcoin education to change the world

“We’re changing the world,” added Platt, who also gave details of the initiative already underway in the UK Inform future generations of the benefits that the invention will bring to mankind Satoshi Nakamoto.

BTC acceptance is growing in the Western European island nation, with an El Salvador-inspired community since the Central American country adopted the crypto-asset as legal tender.

so stop it Unlock Bitcoin’s potential for the UK economyKrista Edmunds founded the Bitcoin Policy UK organization along with other Bitcoiners.

“We’ve seen what’s possible in El Salvador, which is seeing huge gains due to its forward-thinking approach to Bitcoin. “The UK can secure a similar competitive advantage and we look forward to helping people achieve this,” said the team behind the UK organization after its launch in April this year.

El Salvador and the UK are not the only countries using the Bitcoin Education Standardization program, as a total of 10 nations are implementing it with the idea of ​​educating the next generation of Bitcoiners and encouraging Bitcoin adoption to the cryptocurrency.

The program, which has also been translated into five languages, conquers nocoiners, i.e. people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, as CriptoNoticias recently reported.

Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico are among the countries that have introduced the My First Bitcoin Diploma to educate their people. In fact, on the Mexican territory, the project to introduce BTC training in the public education system of this country has already been launched.

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