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Bitget raises $100 million investment fund to support Web3 projects

Bitget, one of the leading crypto derivatives and copy trading exchanges, is launching its Web3 fund during Hong Kong Blockchain Week with an initial investment of $100 million. The fund will focus on investing in Web3-savvy venture capitalists and prominent Web3 projects. The aim is to support the development of the next generation of cryptocurrency projects.

the exchange please sticks to the strategy of “going beyond derivatives” in 2023 with the launch of the Web3 Fund. This is the goal Promoting a positive attitude towards the digital currency economy and support the development of the Web3 environment.

The fund seeks venture capital and projects around the world that have a transparent roadmap and an experienced team, as well as those that offer innovative solutions to real-world problems. To date, he has received requests for potential partnerships from venture capitalists such as Foresight Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, SevenX Ventures, DAO Maker and ABCDE Capital.

“We can see that the Web3 space is evolving rapidly and many projects deserve support to further push this evolution to make Web3 a true global phenomenon as Web2 once was. For this reason, the Bitget Web3 Fund will do everything possible to find projects that have the greatest impact on this process. We proceed consciously and responsibly. We know how important accountability is when negotiating any innovative project that requires investment. We are committed to supporting financial innovation in Asia and believe our platform can act as a reliable, convenient and secure link between the DeFi and CeFi worlds. Our team of analysts have already outlined the project selection criteria and will strictly adhere to them.”

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget.

Bitget has been part of numerous efforts to increase cryptocurrency adoption. With the new “Go Beyond Derivatives” strategy, the exchange has acquired several Web3 applications in recent months. It also pledged its support for Juventus as second sponsor and as main sponsor of the Juventus women’s team for the 2022-2023 season.

In a big step into the Web3 space, The exchange recently acquired the BitKeep wallet, a gateway to Web3 with more than 9.5 million users that will continue to improve the browsing experience. In addition, Bitget launches numerous community events and challenges to support individual initiatives and the general community spirit.

about please

established in 2018, please is the leading global cryptocurrency exchange and has futures trading and copy trading services. The exchange serves more than 8 million users in more than 100 countries and regions. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive and secure trading solution that reflects its commitment to helping users trade smarter.

It also inspires people to embrace crypto by collaborating with trusted partners including legendary Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi, Italy’s leading football team Juventus, and official organizer of eSports events, PGL. According to Coingecko, Bitget is currently one of the top 5 futures trading platforms and one of the top 10 spot trading platforms.

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