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Can you imagine getting a tattoo with a design registered as an NFT?

The desire to tattoo the skin is a universal phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years. The practice continues to grow and survive cultural and especially technological changes.

Under this premise, Blackdot, a high-tech tattoo startup based in Austin, Texas, wants to take a new step in this market and introduce a new machine that, in addition to producing tattoos, also stores them on the blockchain as a non-fungible token or NFT. The company does not specify whether a specific platform is used.

According to the information published in a press release, the launch of the device (which includes the machine and a tattoo parlor) has been recognized by experts in the field stand out the opportunity for artists to showcase original designs, presented as collections through the platform or made to order. This at the same time to receive royalties for marketing on NFT marketplacesWhere Works are also saved as objects with a uniqueness.

“Blackdot fundamentally redefines what is possible for the tattoo industry by establishing new practices and revenue streams to change a paradigm that all too often changes to the detriment of many artists,” some tattoo artists emphasize in statements to the media.

The tattoo industry is getting closer to the NFT market

According to the visual artists’ comments, they see the new technology as an asset to the performance of many painters, illustrators and people working in different art fields. Therefore, the launch is supported by renowned tattoo artists such as Tyler Hobbs, Omer Tunca and John Craig.

They believe that by integrating these new technologies, customers will be offered a different experience considering that the tattoo industry is currently growing and more and more people want to get tattooed, they say show the investigations.

For this reason, design seekers, who predominantly belong to the younger generation, are expected to be able to use and The new platform will allow you to commission creations from artists around the world.

In fact, there are already several collections available on the official Blackdot website that are valid for a certain period of time. The company, which plans to expand its studios to major cities in the U.S. and abroad, is looking for investors and angel investors.

This company’s proposal is presented as another technological option that brings the world of art closer to the non-fungible token market. Well, research is progressing in this direction at universities, for example the one in Colorado where they worked formulate Tattoo inks that conduct electricity and change color in response to various stimuli. Is about rewritable tattoos that can also be marketed as an NFT.

The trend of immortalizing creations in blockchains is booming, as many web spaces dedicated to the art of tattooing have recognized: “While this profession derives its economic reward from the art of tattooing on the skin, blockchain technology “offers a second means to the benefit.” Take advantage of this talent, invite tattoo artists to leave their comfort zone and give their work a new meaning.

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