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Coinbase’s message that the community applauds

At a time when the United States is putting regulatory pressure on the cryptocurrency industry, the Coinbase exchange has launched a commercial that has caught the attention of the community for its bold call for people to abandon the old system that burdens them , to leave.

“It’s time to update the system,” it says at the end of a video the company posted on social media. And in such a way that it shows how with its clear and powerful message The traditional financial system has left many struggling to find stability economic and fair opportunities.

“Breaking the cycle” is the title commercially Coinbase floated this yesterday and has quickly become one of the most talked about events of today.

The message of the commercial focuses on the possibility of Take control of your personal finances with Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. It is highlighted that it is precisely the younger generations, who are commonly identified with the stereotype of “lazy” because they are misunderstood, who now have the opportunity to leave the system.

The commercial aims to inspire the audience to abandon the old system and Discover the possibilities that cryptocurrencies offer.

It reflects the message the system sends: control, hard work, overachievement, debt are good, but ultimately the goals are unattainable even if you work three jobs at the same time.

“You can’t afford to buy a house, rent a house or at least buy a used car because they cost the same as new ones,” the video says.

Many users on

The community is erupting in praise for Coinbase

Bitcoiner Peter McCormack invited I’m glad the community appreciates the Coinbase video beyond what many might think of the company.

Other users also reproduce the video and comment on its content. This is the case of Nico Gallardo (Nicnode), who Point that “if the message goes to the United States, which is a slave to its own system, imagine the other countries that depend on it.”

He is referring to the recent crisis in the United States, which rested on the pillars of a weakening dollar, which, however, continues to represent a global reserve of value while other economies in the world tend to rely on the dollar. In CriptoNoticias we recently published an article explaining this.

“Our current system is so broken and bureaucratic that we need to build a new system to make it fairer for everyone.” mention, that The user was identified as Abraham Fuga.

However, not everyone applauds the cryptocurrency exchange commercial as there are also those who believe so Behind Coinbase is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

In doing so, he brings the topic to the custody of cryptocurrencies and invites us to think about what people need to do to regain their sovereignty.

In the Bitcoin ecosystem, you often hear the phrase: “If it’s not your keys, it’s not your Bitcoins.” It is intended to raise awareness that Bitcoin is a form of decentralized money that allows each person to have their own access keys to keep their funds without having to turn to a trusted third party.

This is different from depositing cryptocurrencies on an exchange, which retains the private key to the deposited funds and therefore reserves the right to act as the legal owner of the funds.

Therefore, it is important to know the difference between cryptocurrency custody services and self-custody, which is not really explained in the Coinbase commercial.

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