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Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announces a trip to Mars

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The cryptocurrency exchange platform Huobi announced the launch of his program Mars. The goal of this initiative is to encourage users to participate in the exchange in exchange for a chance to win a seat on a space exploration trip to the planet Mars planned after July 2024.

He Competition It consists of 12 rounds and in each round users have to complete a series of themed activities. This first phase of the competition it runs from June 2023 to June 2024.

According to Huobi, in each of the 12 rounds, a winner will be awarded who will be selected as a pre-candidate for the journey into space. Then, in the second phase of the competition, One of the 12 pre-candidates will be selected as the final winner.

According to him Huobi releaseThe first round of the Huobi-Mars program began on June 14th and will last until July 5th. Users who participate must complete the required tasks of Spot, P2P, Futures and Huobi Earn transactions to earn rewards in space NFTs on the TRON network.

Huobi’s NFT on the TRON network and other awards

“Space NFTs are issued on the TRON network and traded on various NFT trading platforms. Users must link their TRON addresses on the event page to receive the minted NFTs,” Huobi’s announcement clarifies.

“Win a $6 million ticket to space travel. Be the first Web3 user to fly into space.” This is the promise Huobi makes to the winner. Source: Blog.Huobi.

These NFTs will serve as a number to qualify as a candidate for spaceflight to the planet Mars.

In addition to this candidacy, Huobi points out that the winner of this first round will also win an exemption from paying trading commissions for a period of 180 days.

For HuobiAmong other things, this Mars space initiative would promote the development of commercial space travel: “Through this Mars program, Huobi hopes to bring more people closer to space travel, inspire more interest and passion, and promote the development of commercial space travel.”

In order to participate, you must have a properly verified Huobi account, which the exchange uses to verify the potential winner’s identity. If you wish to participate in such a program and do not have an account on the exchange, this link will allow you to get it.

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