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Energy and luxury, options to protect against bank fears

Markets have focused on that this week central bank meetingsby the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, which according to Araceli de Frutos of Araceli de Frutos EAFI left a bittersweet aftertaste.

The Federal Reserve is indeed closer End of rate hike cyclepartly due to the regional banking crisis that arose in the United States, not applicable to the rest of international banking

On the other hand, the European Central Bank is not counting on this pause, but rather said that it will be more moderate with this increase in interest rates, precisely because of this report also on bank credits, which have also fallen in the euro zone.

Precisely because of this shadow of the recession It might be time to look at some slightly more defensive sectors.

In this sense, cyclical stocks can be a good option, although caution and a balanced portfolio must persist.

Good options could be Iberdrola or Endesa as the energy sector continues to act as a haven.

Endesa will report its numbers next week and here’s how it’s been doing since the pandemic:

We must also consider the values ​​of the luxury sector after they presented positive numbers. LVMH and Moncler would be two names to consider.

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