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Home » Error or market manipulation? Questions about sending 27 BTC to Satoshi's wallet

Error or market manipulation? Questions about sending 27 BTC to Satoshi's wallet

The recent shipment of 26.9 Bitcoin (BTC) worth $1.17 million to the Genesis Block public address is causing excitement among community members, who are speculating on X about the reasons that led to the transaction have.

The multi-million dollar operation has sparked a whirlwind of speculation and debate. Although there is no consensus among commentators, theories vary from a possible error to manipulation maneuvers Market or strategies related to the approval of Bitcoin ETFs expected on January 10th.

Many took advantage of the fact to joke, saying that “Satoshi is buying ahead of ETF approval because he doesn’t want to miss out on the upcoming rise.” On a more serious note, there are those who believe this manipulation of the Bitcoin market.

The assumption is supports in X by users like Dismar Carreño. He notes that the transaction could have been carried out by someone with the necessary money sends a signal to retail investors. “Let’s not sell anything! The big ones want everything for themselves again. Remember this is your first time coming to us,” he exclaims in his tweet.

It is therefore believed that the intention of the person behind the transaction was previously unknown influence or change market sentiment amid the current excitement over the very likely approval of a cash exchange traded fund (ETF) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Others, like attorney Jeremy Hogan, go even further and regarding the operation with Come into effect in the United States the Infrastructure Jobs and Investment Act.

Hogan reminds that under the new legislation, the tax office has been responsible since January 1st requires reporting of every transaction over $10,000. “So Satoshi has to get doxed hurting themselves or breaking the law,” he says. Although this requirement does not apply outside the United States, there are some that do they speculate This would reveal his true identity.

The 27 Bitcoins are blocked in the wallet

Adding to the previous comments is that of Conor Grogan, director of Coinbase he claimed that “either Satoshi Nakamoto woke up and bought 27 Bitcoins on an exchange and deposited them into his wallet, or someone just destroyed a million dollars worth of Bitcoins.”

Based on the above, those are talking about a possible error express doubts because the person who carried out the transaction mobilized a very large sum and paid a commission of $100. Something unusual, not recognizing what he was doing.

“Who could it have been?” Did you want to give Satoshi a gift? Do you want to burn these BTC? “What other purpose could there be behind all this?” writes Crypto user Kakarot.

The idea was supported by Youtuber Healthy Pockets if you ask yourself about who wants to “burn a million dollars.” This means that the amount sent to the wallet is stored there and You'll barely be able to move.

This takes into account that no one has moved coins from this address in more than 10 years was practically blocked Satoshi Nakamoto when he founded the network in 2009 and then disappeared, leaving about 50 Bitcoins in the wallet.

It also highlights that the person or group carried out the transaction have used a centralized platform like Binancewhich would contradict the philosophy advocated by Satoshi and from which Bitcoin emerged.

It is also noticeable that the mysterious transaction took place as part of the network's birthday. As CriptoNoticias reported on January 3rd 15 years have passed since the Bitcoin Genesis block was mined.

The Satoshi wallet contains the first 50 issued Bitcoins in history more than 22 BTC were added that numerous people have sent over these 15 years. With the transfer of this 26.9 BTC, the address accumulates almost 100 Bitcoins (99.67 BTC), which is worth $4,356 million at the time of writing.

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