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Euler Finance hacker returned most of the stolen funds

Important facts:
  • So far, the hacker has returned $150 million of the nearly $200 million stolen.

  • Euler Finance’s native token has surged more than 50% in just a few hours.

Less than 10 days passed before the hacker who stole nearly $200 million from decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Euler Finance returned the funds. The attacker has so far returned the vast majority of funds stolen in the last few hours.

As shown by Ethereum block explorer Etherscan is the hacker returned to the Euler Finance protocol 51,000 Ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of this blockchain, in the early hours of Saturday, March 25, 2023.

Later that day, he record sending 7,738.25 ETH in four different operations, for a total of 30,953 ether. In total, the attacker returned 81,953 ETHthat’s about $144.45 million, according to CriptoNoticia’s Price Calculator.

In addition to these returns, on-chain intelligence shows that the hacker also sent Return $10.7 million in stablecoin DAI. The above adds total more than $155 million, back on the platform so far.

After the attacker’s movement is recorded, the protocol’s governance token, Euler (EUL), up 57% in just a few hours. At the bottom of this letter, 1 EUL it is negotiated in the region of $3.40 according to CoinMarketCap.

The attacker’s refund of the funds has been happening gradually for several days and, according to members of the community, is happening as part of an agreement between the hacker and the affected company.

One of the messages sent by Euler Finance to the hacker became known on Twitter, the pray:

“Thank you for returning part of the fortune. The original offer still applies if you wish to continue paying back the funds. The information bounty will be removed immediately and all our investigations will be terminated.”

Euler Finance, decentralized finance protocol.

The hacker has returned much of the stolen loot to Euler Finance over the past few hours. Spring: ether scan.

Almost $200 million stolen from Euler Finance

As CriptoNoticias reports, on March 14, the Euler Finance decentralized protocol was hacked, causing a loss of more than $197 million. At this moment, The hacker stole funds in different tokens.

The attacker would have taken advantage of an update that regulates the operation of the eToken to commit the theft. This is one of the assets used on this platform

With the attack, Euler Finance joins the list of terminals and decentralized operators that end up being hacked, mostly due to security bugs in their codes.

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