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Even Javier Milei’s dog has his cryptocurrency

Conan, the dog of Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei, has arrived on the Ethereum network. A group of Argentine developers have launched Conan Token (VLLC), described as “the world’s first libertarian memecoin.”

He ticker of this new digital asset is not accidental. VLLC stands for “Long live damn freedom!”the speech with which the above-mentioned politician usually encourages his supporters at the end of his speeches.

It is detailed in the website from Conan Token that this coin was born as a tribute to liberalism, the economic and political doctrine that Milei represents:

“The Conan token was born as a tribute to the unconditional respect for the life project of others. Its creators, ardent advocates of liberalism, envisioned a unique opportunity to represent these values ​​in a sign that embodies the essence of non-aggression, the defense of individual rights and the noble principles of life, liberty and private property.

Conan Token Development Team.

VLLC has one delivery non-incremental of 22,101,970,000 units. 85% of this currency is already available on the market (it can be traded on the decentralized exchange Uniswap) and the remaining 15% is reserved in the hands of the community for “strategic initiatives”.

Conan Token Tokenomics – Source:

In comments on PressThat’s what its supporters said The purpose of this token is to “serve as a vehicle for the expression, dissemination and promotion of libertarian ideas.”.

Sebastián Hahn, owner of a hosting company and one of the promoters of Conan Token, explains:

“There is no memecoin in Argentina. In the United States, for example, there are more than 4,000 about Donald Trump. Few of them are successful, but some manage to develop. This culture has not yet arrived here and it is complex to acquire it, it is not easy to spread it. But we trust that projects like this will open the doors for others.”

Sebastián Hahn, promoter of Conan Token

It’s worth making that clear Yes, more memecoins have been introduced in ArgentinaFor example, the Conchita token (CONCH)which “pays homage” to current President Alberto Fernández.

The CONCH token is a tribute to Argentine President Alberto Fernández. Spring:

Proponents of Conan Token make this clear They are not part of Javier Milei’s presidential campaign, although of course they sympathize with his character. “We are doing it in honor of Milei (…), but Milei has nothing to do with it and we did not consult anyone from his team to develop it.”

Hahn adds that the goal of the Conan token is not commercial: “The idea is not to encourage people to buy, we just want to reach people in the crypto environment.”

Although, as mentioned above, it is presented as a token for community development, entertainment and idea sharing purposes, it is available for trading on Uniswap. Be Market capitalization is relatively low ($800,000 as of this writing), so It is an extremely volatile asset as can be seen from the price chart.

Conan Token Price – DexTools.

When attempting to trade this token, Uniswap issues a warning because it is still a little-known token with low trading volume:

Uniswap warns about the potential risks of VLLC as it is a new small-cap token – Source: Uniswap – Screenshot from CriptoNoticias.

According to the DexTools website, the token is VLLC has a reliability of 73/99 based on various criteria. The results of the security checks are predominantly positive. However, it should be noted that at the time of this publication, the company TokenSniffer has activated a “HoneyPot” warning. It clarifies that “this means that the tokens may not be able to be sold or the contract may contain malicious code.”

It’s important to clarify this This does not necessarily mean that it is a malicious token, it could also be an unintentional error in a smart contract or even an error on the part of the accounting firm. If there are any updates to this negative review in the future, this article will be updated.

CriptoNoticias conducted a test with an amount equivalent to $5 The token could be easily bought and sold on Uniswap.

Conan Token Audit Results – Source: DexTools.

There are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies

More than 10,000 cryptocurrencies have emerged in the vast crypto universe, many of which are short-lived and volatile and serve very specific purposes, such as honoring public figures or pets. Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and Elon Musk are just some of the characters who have had someone create a coin with their name on it.

There is an Ethereum token called “Elon Musk”. Source: CoinMarketCap.

However, it is important to distinguish between this sea of ​​tokens (some turn out to be serious projects, others jokes, and many scams) and the original digital currency: Bitcoin (BTC). As a pioneer, BTC stands out not only for its technology, but also for its true decentralization, immutable monetary policy and anti-inflationary nature.

For many, Bitcoin represents the quintessence of libertarian ideas and offers a solid alternative to traditional and centralized financial systems.. In this context, and as new digital currencies become more widespread, it is critical to understand and evaluate the depth and impact of what Bitcoin means in promoting economic and personal freedom.

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