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Female Participation in Bitcoin Ecosystem Only Reaches 25%

Important facts:
  • According to Bitget, 33% of women feel safe investing in cryptocurrencies.

  • 25% of Colombians participate in cryptocurrency communities, says

Despite living in times where women are increasingly occupying leadership positions in the cryptocurrency community, there is data showing that their participation remains low, particularly in Latin America.

According to data from Chilean cryptocurrency exchange, the participation of women in the region in the Bitcoin ecosystem is only 25%.

As for the distribution by country, Women in Argentina top the list with 60%. It is followed by Colombia with 25%, Chile with 10% and Peru with 6%, according to the exchange.

“The figures show that women are still underrepresented in this industry, especially in Chile,” said Jazmín Jorquera, operations manager at

In this sense, Jorquera spoke about an event that the Chilean Stock Exchange will hold in the coming days, where they aim to “highlight the opportunities offered by this technology [Bitcoin] It envisages that more and more women will get involved and take a leading role in discussions about cryptocurrencies, because Bitcoin does not discriminate.

33% of women feel safe investing in cryptocurrencies

Another noteworthy piece of information was provided by Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget exchange. The executive indicated that only 33% of women Have confidence in their ability to make investment decisions.

To understand what’s stopping women from investing in cryptocurrency, she says, it’s important to understand that female investors often tend to have a “more sober financial perspective.” As a result, they may be less “willing to invest in risky assets like crypto assets” as they are often considered volatile.

Another factor that prevents women Investing in cryptocurrencies has to do with educationso the stock market.

“Therefore, in order to fuel their growth, it is important to offer networking and mentoring opportunities to create a more inclusive environment and provide reliable education,” said Chen.

In short, the Executive believes that access to financial education and job opportunities are the foundation for women’s entry into the cryptocurrency world. But the debate and the changes must extend to society as a whole.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, there are recent studies showing that things are changing and that both men and women view Bitcoin in the same way without distinction. Although They prefer to spend more time researching than men.

In fact, women are optimistic about Bitcoin’s future and ready to buy the cryptocurrency once they understand how it works.

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