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From Spain they are establishing an institute that will be dedicated to academic research on Bitcoin

Important facts:
  • One of the goals of the IFEB is to produce more scientific information about digital currencies.

  • They invite anyone who can contribute to academic content on the topic of Bitcoin to participate.

On October 8, a group of scholars introduced the Institute for Philosophy and Economics of Bitcoin (IFEB), a new organization aimed at the Ibero-American community whose mission is to “provide accurate and clear information about Bitcoin and its nature and promote adoption”. use “responsible”.

As explained Conclusion of conferences The aim of the Institute of Watch out Bitcoin!’23, which took place in Spain, is to promote rapprochement with the academic community of universities the development and publication of further scientific work on the topic Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. The aim is to give scientific circles a different view of the digital currency, which goes beyond the classification as a merely speculative asset.

“There are not many scientific articles about Bitcoin and it is necessary to generate such content.” That is why we want to work in this format, which is different from what is currently usually handled. “The idea is that it facilitates dialogue with the academy,” says Alvaro D María, author of the book The philosophy of Bitcoin, who took part in the panel discussion presented by IFEB during the event.

“We want to build bridges with universities to develop research on this topic, which we are already doing with the study houses here in Spain,” says Nancy Quirós, Bitcoiner and doctor of physics who has a master’s degree in digital currencies and blockchain technology from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

In this spirit is the group of panelists presented by the IFEB believes the production of a new type of content is very necessaryespecially considering that the references in the Bitcoin ecosystem are rather present so far Influencers or those who spread news on social networks. Therefore, members of the Ibero-American community are invited to participate with more academic content.

“We believe that understanding the power of Bitcoin is critical for individuals, institutions, companies and states to prepare for the upcoming transition.” specified on the website of the newly founded institute, where it is called that will try to be a global reference for disseminating the nature of Bitcoin and its implications in the social, philosophical, political and economic spheres.

The IFEB consists of a group of experts in their field. The institution’s research will have three foci or units: academic, informational-social and economic. One of the main goals is Systematization of the previously available information about Bitcoin and that it is distributed in various formats and platforms, in addition to constantly monitoring and updating the development of the digital currency.

The Institute will seek to accommodate this changing nature (of Bitcoin) by incorporating new research approaches as they are discovered within its units, which could even lead to the creation of new units.


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