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Gamma, VozTelecom’s parent company, closes 2022 with an 8% increase in revenue

VozTelecom’s parent company, Gamma Communications plc, has just announced its 2022 results, a Sales growth of 8% to EUR 551.0 million (£484.6m). In the UK, the company’s country of origin, the increase was 10%, while the European business, represented by the Netherlands, Germany and Spain, contributed a total of €83.2 million (£73.2m) to the group’s growth. .

He Adjusted EBITDA de Gamma is up 10% to surpass €119.4m (£105.1m) and cash generation from closed operations is €112.7m (£99.1m) which is a represents an increase of 10% over the previous year; meanwhile, fully diluted EPS rose 12% to 81.6 eurocents (71.8 pence). These excellent financial results have enabled Gamma to increase its interim dividend by 14% to 17.1 cents (15.0 pence) per share.

As explained Andrew Belshaw, CEO of Gamma, “We had another strong year with double digit Adjusted EBITDA growth generating almost £100m in cash from operations. The popularity of Microsoft Teams telephony integration has fueled the expansion of our direct selling and channel business in the UK with revenue growth of 10% each. Cloud user growth in the SEKABET has been good with 75,000 new users and our European business has also performed well, growing cloud users by 28% despite market difficulties in Europe. Gamma remains well positioned to weather any adverse macroeconomic environment that may arise. We have a number of products that are critical to our customers and phone services have proven resilient in tough economic times. We have a high level of recurring revenue and expect to continue generating solid cash. The good health of our balance sheet will allow us to continue to invest in the business and support organic growth through acquisitions.”

VozTelecom and its growth in the Spanish market

As explained Xavier Casajoana, CEO of Voz Telecom, “In 2022 we continued to expand our partner channel and increase sales volume, particularly the new omnichannel contact center services and the integration of the cloud headquarters with Microsoft Teams. Another important milestone of the last year was the incorporation into the group of Neotel2000, a human team specialized in call center solutions in the cloud, which makes the Gamma Group the most important “UCaaS” operator in Spain after the traditional network operators. and with the best range of cloud communications solutions for the small and medium-sized business as well as for the distribution channel in a growing market that is expected to double in size over the next five years.”

VozTelecom will take over the Gamma brand in Spain

After more than twenty years on the market under the umbrella of the VOZTELECOM and OIGAA brands, next April the company will adopt the Gamma® brand in its operations in Spain. The aim is to bring the strategy in Spain in line with the rest of the group in Europe after it was adopted in Germany and the Netherlands last year. “The Transition to the Gamma® brand It will allow us to expand and enhance our service offering and develop a stronger brand positioning in Europe for the benefit of our customers and channel partners. With this change, we will strengthen technological innovation, excellent service and commitment to customer and partner satisfaction, which is why we are changing the brand but not the values ​​that VozTelecom has developed so far,” Casajoana clarified.

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