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Hedera cryptocurrency is rallying as the market moves sideways

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to trade around $26,000 and the cryptocurrency market continues to experience low volatility. However, some assets have bucked this trend and seen sustained price increases, as is the case with Hedera (HBAR).

HBAR has seen an increase of up to 15% in the last three daysand is thus positioned among the cryptocurrencies with the highest price increase during this period. This increase took it to almost $0.53, the highest price in two weeks.

HBAR price has seen a sustained increase over the past three days. Spring: CoinMaketCap.

HBAR’s rise amid the lack of market liquidity reported by CriptoNoticias came amid various announcements of its Hedera ecosystem, where it functions as a governance and staking token.

Hedera is looking for a new president and introduces Stablecoin Studio

Hedera, which aims to drive Web3 adoption, Advertising Today the Council of his Government decided to separate the functions of “Director” and “President”. He clarified that Brett McDowell, who has previously held both roles, has been re-elected as director for two years and that an executive search committee has been established to determine who the new president will be.

Added to this yesterday was the ecosystem demonstrated Stablecoin Studio, your new set of stablecoin configuration, issuance and management tools. This is designed for Web3 platforms, institutional issuers, enterprises and payment providers.

He elaborated that Stablecoin Studio offers organizations the ability to manage their stablecoins in the same place using various solutions, such as: B. Proof of reserves, dedicated custodian banks and KYC methods (Know your customer or, said in Spanish, know your customer).

In turn, the day before, the ecosystem divided that GBBC (Global Blockchain Business Coincil) and IWA (InterWork Alliance), two organizations promoting cryptocurrency adoption, have published a framework that aims for a green future for the industry As an example, The Guardian cited an open source, low-power solution from Hedera.

Meanwhile Hedera’s team was participate the week of the Token2049 event in Singapore, with a booth and conference on Stablecoin Studio. AND Financial support The company is an official partner of the startup meeting TC Disrupt, which will take place next week in San Francisco, USA.

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