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Hundreds of Bitcoin mining devices found in dangerous Venezuelan prison

Important facts:
  • The government says it has broken up a “conspiracy and crime center” that was operating at the prison.

  • Bitcoin ASICs were among the luxuries and extravagances indulged in by inmates.

Hundreds of Bitcoin mining devices were found in a room at the Aragua Penitentiary Center, better known as Tocorón Prison, in northern Venezuela.

The specialized digital mining equipment can be seen in a video recorded during a military operation in prison. This with the idea of “Dismantling and ending a center of conspiracy and crime” which operated in this location, as highlighted by release the Venezuelan government.

Accordingly Experts, Tocorón Prison is the operations center of the Aragua platoon. a criminal gang that is getting stronger and growing in this prison, and that has also taken place expanded its impact on other South American countries.

Yesterday, hours after the prison intervention began, Interior Minister Remigio Ceballos said: reported that the authorities had taken control of the place.

He added that “crime reigned” in the prison during a tour “Tunnels, weapons and numerous irregularities” were found.

National Guard officers reportedly confiscated televisions, cellphones and even large and small displacement motorcycles.

Inside the caseapparently ran a Bitcoin mining farmHowever, it is not clear from the published video whether the device was connected to the power grid or whether it could have been in operation on site.

You just see a lot of digital mining equipment scattered around and some on shelves. They were among the luxuries and extravagances that the prisoners treated themselves to.

Other discoveries also amazed people, such as a playground, ice cream parlors, restaurants, a swimming pool, a baseball stadium, a nightclub and even a zoo with exotic animals. Everything reveals that the place is more of a small town without laws than a prison with norms and rules.

The discovery of Mining equipment in a detention center is an unprecedented event in Venezuela. The incident came to light a day after a police operation discovered that a group of drug traffickers was running a Bitcoin mining farm in Chile, CriptoNoticias reported.

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