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Hundreds of Bitcoiners have now set Próspera as their goal

Important facts:
  • Traders from all over the world are showing interest in settling on the island of Honduras.

  • Despite government opposition, investors in the economic zone trust Bitcoin.

Since it was announced that Bitcoin (BTC) would be accepted as a unit of account in Próspera, many have been interested in settling in this Employment and Economic Development Zone (ZEDE) in Roatán, Honduras.

This is what Emilio Castillo, a trader operating on the Caribbean island, tells CriptoNoticias, who assures that his company “has definitely benefited from the measures taken by the Próspera government”.

In particular, the fact that Bitcoin is not only a currency (which was decided in 2022), but also a standard for setting the prices of goods and services, has caught the attention of the community revolving around the digital currency.

Therefore, interest in the region has increased, as evidenced by the large number of inquiries received by the Próspera administration regarding the requirements for investing or residing on the island. A fact that increases the possibilities of attracting more investments for the development of ZEDE.

Castillo considers the inclusion to be the pioneer of digital currencies It was very flattering.for investors as well as for traders and residents of the island.

In this sense, it stands out that one of the reasons that has most attracted Bitcoin supporters is that Próspera has become one of the first jurisdictions in the world where companies have greater freedom in the use of BTC.

The situation is somewhat comparable with what is happening in El Salvadorwhere the measures implemented by the government have opened the doors to investments, the emergence of various ventures related to cryptocurrencies and a significant boom in tourism.

Castillo is one of the group of investors and traders who have chosen the Honduran island as their destination. Everyone sees people's interest in ZEDE as a very good sign. They predict greater growth and underline this Bitcoin allows them to live in a deflationary society.

Traders and investors are confident that with digital currency as a unit of account, they have a mechanism to help them to reduce the cost of products and services. This is due to one of BTC’s most notable properties, which is that it maintains its value over time, “unlike what happens with fiat currencies like the dollar that we are used to.”

This vision is also shared by other Bitcoiners who visit Próspera. Among them is Lucas, a Spaces organizer with Bitcoin communities worldwide. He also was curious about what was happening on the island and watched it The ZEDE atmosphere has become more enthusiastic after the new measures with Bitcoin were announced.

Próspera is located north of the Caribbean island of Roatan in Honduras. Source: Wikipedia

Differences with the government led to a doubling of Bitcoin use

Jorge Colindres, interim manager and financial commissioner of Próspera, talks about the introduction of Bitcoin and recalls that there are currently special economic zones in Honduras They are in conflict with the government of Xiomara Castro.

Colindres refers to the decision of the Honduran Congress in 2022 to abolish the law that allows the ZEDE to operate. And although the repeal has not yet been ratified, Próspera investors filed a nearly $11 billion lawsuit against Xiomara Castro's government.

The legal dispute is not yet over. The differences with the authorities were one of the reasons why “we have doubled our commitment to Bitcoin,” said Colindres. To this end, the investors took advantage of the autonomy granted by the regulations still in force in the country, which gives ZEDE the freedom to do so Set your own rules.

The idea is to emulate in Honduras the economic success of autonomous economic zones such as Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. In this case Hand in hand with Bitcoin.

Choosing digital currency also makes the goal easier separate from the banking system traditional, towards a more independent management of money. “We believe that there will always be a relationship with banks in one way or another, but with BTC as a currency and unit of account, this connection is reduced to a minimum.”

The administrator comments on what Próspera investors are looking for, such as: is to enjoy financial freedom. A goal that, in his opinion, is perfectly in line with the philosophy that supports the currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

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