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IA values ​​​​on the Spanish stock market? There are… and they fly like Airtificial

In these times, it’s time to reinvent yourself… even more so when we look to Wall Street and see that just 7 stocks in the NASDAQ 100 technology index, many of which have to do with AI, support the rise of these selectively, but also of the S&P 500.

For this reason, and despite the fact that there are not many companies in the field of artificial intelligence on the Spanish (or even European) stock market, there is increasing interest in investing in this sector, for which dizzying growth forecasts are being made.

Thus, the investment fever for AI has made Airtificial one of the fads of the Spanish stock market. The Airtificial Intelligence Structures group, formed from the merger of Inypsa and Carbures, debuted on the Continuous Market in November 2018 and since then its price has been inconsistent to say the least and has been heavily penalized during the pandemic.

However, 2023 is a rally year for Airtificial. The robotics and artificial intelligence company ended the first half of the year in full uptrend, a near 100% re-rating, and accelerated on the continuum by announcing its expansion plans in Asia in the last week of June. The company explained in this sense that “with India as the new center of the group, the internationalization of the company envisages the approach of offering holistic technical solutions for new markets and customers”. Executing its commitment to the Asian market, Airtificial emphasized in its presentation that “Asia is experiencing a revolution in sectors such as automotive and e-mobility, which we must tap into to offer significant added value.”

Now, after the first week of July, the start of the second semester has further fueled Airtificial’s rise. It’s up more than 12% this week, which has helped it become the top performer 3rd biggest bullish read on the entire Spanish stock market so far this year up 114% and a capitalization of 151 million euros.

Just last Thursday, the company announced to the market the expansion of its activities in the electric and hybrid automotive sector with the realization of four projects with a total value of 20.2 million euros. The company emphasized that the “Intelligent Robots” business area “started full steam ahead” in the first five months of the course and expanded its project portfolio with several awards. Among them, he highlighted four related to the optimization of the design and production of several assembly lines for the manufacture of various components of hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as the development of test cells for the new electric steering of cars.

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