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IAG tries to stay at 1.60 euros

Wall Street ended with sharp falls overnight as investors digested the Fed’s policy statement and remarks from Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference.

He Fed statement hinted that the central bank was about to pause rate hikes, but Powell said in his news conference that the bank would do “enough” to control inflation, pointing to the possibility of continuing to allocate rates if necessary increase. Management at Silicon Valley Bank has “failed badly,” but the bank’s fall this month is not indicative of a broader weakness in the banking system, Powell said.

However, Trust has been undermined by a comment by the United States Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellenwho told members of Congress that he had not considered or discussed creating a “universal guarantee” for US bank deposits without House approval.

The falls were imposed again this Thursday Capricorn 35 banks, but also for other values, as in the case of IAG (Iberia). The value falls 0.7% this morning to 1,584 points.

According to Antonio Castelo, market specialist at iBroker, IAG (Iberia) presented positive numbers that beat market forecasts. The expert points out that this is a positive value that has performed well from a fundamental point of view. To enter the value, however, it must be taken into account that it still has several resistances to overcome before it reaches the price target of around €2.20 indicated by analysts.

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