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Is it possible to get a 35% annual return?

Trea Asset Management, an independent Spanish asset manager, introduces a new fund: Trea Healthcare FCR. It is Guillen López, venture capital investor and founder of Mindback, who comments on the goals of the investment vehicle and its disruptive philosophy.

“From a profitability standpoint, Discovery Ventures’ investment team has generated more than €2,000 million in returns for our investors over the past 15 years, at a multiple of 4.5 times the original capital invested. For this fund, our investment goal is to multiply the initial investment by four and achieve a 35% annual return,” says López.

Numbers aside, Japan is gaining stock market appeal thanks to the Nikkei’s 33-year highs, at a time when the country is among the few regions in the world to maintain its ultra-accommodative low-interest-rate policy. Warren Buffett has entered the land of the “rising sun” this year and that has given Japanese stocks a boost.

The Oracle of Omaha reiterated that both he and his partner Munger They are stock and business hunters, Buying long-term business performance expectations and not based on short-term market movements. Therefore and Although the Japanese market is at a 33-year high, it is significant that Buffett has traveled to Japan to visit various companies.

Aerospace, defense and security, a trio of aces to focus our investments on. Leonardo has maintained a growth trajectory in profitability and cash flows since 2018 and the income statement at the end of 2022 continues this trend.

Do the April showers bring the Mayflowers? WisdomTree speaks up. In this quarterly thematic review, we look at the state of thematic strategies in Europe based on performance and flows, as well as any other interesting trends we see in this area.

Over the past two years, thematic investors have experienced bouts of volatility in many themes, particularly technology-related themes, which tend to be longer-dated assets that are more sensitive to interest rate increases. 2022 was the worst year since 2011 for all subgroups in our universe, while 2020 was the best year as all subgroups outperformed the MSCI ACWI Index.

Mobeen Tahir, Director of Analysis at WisdomTree, comments on the IEA forecast for electric vehicles. “A new clean energy economy is emerging much faster than many stakeholders, policymakers, industry players and investors thought,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol at the Global Energy Outlook (EV Outlook 2023). ) on April 26, 2023.

On April 26th, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published its global outlook for electric vehicles for the year 2023. Their assessment of the state of the sector is encouraging and their growth forecasts very positive. Electrification of road transport is the change that the industry has been waiting for and seems to be at a turning point.

Alternatives for portfolios in today’s environment. At one of the last meetings organized by Estrategias de Inversión, this time in Barcelona, ​​fund managers Eurizon and Vontobel met with professionals from Creand WM, Banco Santander, Morawealth, iCapital, Renta 4 Barcelona, ​​​​​​Arquia Gestión and Andbank WM and Sabadell Urquijo to discuss the alternatives for portfolios in the current environment.

When choosing a mutual fund, it’s important to consider commissions as they affect the profitability of our investments and can make a significant difference over the long term. A relevant aspect in this sense are the so-called “clean classes” of investment funds, which require detailed analysis.

Investment master class with the best experts like Alejandro Martín, fund manager at Horos Asset Management; Adrià Beso, Head of WisdomTree Investments Spain; Eduardo Sallés, CEO of Top Class Capital, Alejandro Varela, manager of the Renta 4 Latin America fund and Juan Cruz Alonso, founding partner and CIO of Cygnus.

Learn how to invest and manage your assets, investing in the best mutual funds, the companies with the best long-term prospects, or real estate investment alternatives. Fund managers, independent analysts and private banking experts tell us where to invest based on the client’s risk profile.

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