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Home » Mark Cuban loses 175,000 USDC and thousands of cryptocurrencies in hack

Mark Cuban loses 175,000 USDC and thousands of cryptocurrencies in hack

American businessman and billionaire investor Mark Cuban lost hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies due to a hacker attack on his MetaMask wallet last night.

Cuban learned of the theft after the press questioned him about the hack which the pseudonym chain researcher discovered and reported on Twitter WazzCrypto.

After checking his wallet, Cuban confirmed According to the press, a hacker stole more than $870,000 (USD) in cryptocurrencies. The includes, among others, 175,043 USD Coin (USDC), 12,354 Polygon (MATIC), 697,478 SuperRare (RARE) and 16,671 BitDAO (BIT).depending on the explorer Etherscan.

The hacker withdrew the cryptocurrencies about an hour after Cuban logged into MetaMask for the first time in 160 days. Source: Etherscan.

The investor revealed that the hack occurred after he searched for his wallet to download on Google, rather than on the company’s official website. “I’m pretty sure I downloaded a version of MetaMask that had some shit on it,” he said.

“I used MetaMask for the first time in months. “You must have been watching,” Cuban added, referring to the hacker.

As CriptoNoticias has detailed, MetaMask is a browser wallet and some scammers create fake extensions or applications of it, which tricks users into providing their private keys or seed phrases. This way, once these malicious actors gain access, they can withdraw your cryptocurrencies.

Above all This type of fraud is not unique to MetaMask. It can also be applied to other wallets and platforms, so it is important to always make sure that you enter the official application and do not share private data with third parties.

CZ urges caution with hacks like Cuban’s

In light of the Cuban incident, various actors in the ecosystem warned users to be careful not to fall into a hacker attack like this one. Among them, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, the exchange with the largest global trading, projection This case shows that such scams “happen to even the most experienced cryptocurrency users.” Therefore, he urged the community to train themselves to stay safe.

Likewise the Bitcoin (BTC) investor named Elkaboom he showed The The Mark Cuban hack joins two others suffered by recognized players in the ecosystem this month. On the one hand, that of $700,000 from Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, and on the other hand, that of $50 million from the online cryptocurrency casino Stake, as CriptoNoticias reports.

Elkaboom commented: “It’s very sad to see this.” “If big profiles like them can be a victim, you can be too,” he said. This is why, like CZ and others, he insisted that cryptocurrency holders remain protected from scams.

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