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Home » Maslatón expresses his “greatest concern” about the closure of banks in the US.

Maslatón expresses his “greatest concern” about the closure of banks in the US.

Important facts:
  • Closing Signature Bank makes no sense to Carlos Maslatón.

  • The Argentine said a move against US bitcoin could be in the works.

Argentinian lawyer Carlos Maslatón spoke about the closure of Silicon Valley Bank (SBV) and two other US banks and revealed what was the “biggest concern” behind these events.

During a space on Twitter, Maslatón Indian that the Federal Reserve’s approach to the SBV case was “smart”. In his opinion, both SBV and Silvergate and Signature are not bankrupt, they just closed.

In that sense, he assured that “the losers are the shareholders and managers” while the “depositors all made” come out.

“Companies who had deposits insured everything, customers who had deposits insured everything, those who had cryptocurrency representations of the US dollar insured everything,” he said.

However, Maslatón believes so something else is behind the closures of the three banks. Referring to himself as his “biggest concern,” he wondered, “Hasn’t the Federal Reserve found the political, financial, and legal moment to make it clear that bitcoin will no longer be traded for the US dollar?”

A message for Bitcoiners

In Maslaton’s opinion, the The closure of the three banks is a message the United States wants to send to bitcoiners and users of cryptocurrencies.

This message or warning states that they can receive dollars in exchange for their cryptocurrencies, but the Federal Reserve only offers an exit from this market, not an entry.

“It seems to me that they allow us to go, but today there is nowhere to buy cryptocurrencies with dollars,” he explained.

“The Federal Reserve is taking advantage of this to say now is their revenge, they had fun with bitcoin for 14 years, now they will see what I am capable of, that’s my theory.”

Carlos Maslatón, Argentine lawyer.

Though he’s a man of many answers There’s something he couldn’t get an explanation for. “Why the heck did bitcoin and ether prices surge when the three main banks that enabled cryptocurrency operations were shut down?” he asked.

The price of BTC fell to $19,600 last Friday while it is currently at $24,200 at the time of this writing CoinGecko.

“I’ll expect something that other people won’t see, or I won’t see something that other people see,” he said.

As CriptoNoticias reported, the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) took possession of Signature last Sunday, arguing depositor protection and invoking Section 606 of the New York Banking Act.

This financial institution manages more than USD 110 billion in assetsand total deposits of more than $88 billion as of December 2022.

While Silvergate announced its voluntary closure and liquidation earlier this month. This company was activeProviding services to the crypto asset industry.

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