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Mi Primer Bitcoin gave its first class in Cuba: it sparked a new revolution

The non-governmental organization (NGO) My First Bitcoin held the first course of its diploma on Bitcoin yesterday in Cuba. More than 15 countries now use their program to educate about peer-to-peer e-cash.

The information was published by the Account on Twitter of the organization Bitcoin Cuba, which promotes the adoption of BTC in the Latin American country. About 21 people took part in the first coursewhile others who expressed interest remained on the record for later editions, according to the organizers’ statement.

The 21 Cubans participating in this first edition will hold Saturday meetings over the next seven weeks the groundbreaking conclusion of My First Bitcoin in Cuba Completion will take place at the end of October.

The start of the Salvadoran NGO’s educational activity caught the attention of the community greeting the initiative and He classified it as the beginning of a new revolution for people who “urgently need financial inclusion”.

It is a country where many survive on a salary of $16 a month and are still willing to buy BTC to save stood out who identifies himself as “Forte11” and is one of the Mi Primer Bitcoin educators in Cuba.

“Too Much Bar is now the center of Bitcoin education in Cuba, thank you to everyone who makes this dream come true,” the activity organizers wrote.

Too Much Bar is now known as a center of Bitcoin education for Cubans. Source: Too much havana/Instagram.

Bitcoin sounds like freedom in Cuba, says the community

Alex Gladstein, director of strategy at the Human Rights Foundation applauded the initiative that allows “to reinforce the separation between money and the state within the Cuban communist dictatorship”.

“Bitcoin without a leader could In the end, we help Cubans more to achieve their freedom more individual than any organized outside effort,” Gladstein added.

Alex Gladstein and Matt Odell are supporting the Bitcoin Park team in developing activities that will drive BTC adoption in 56 countries. Source: Gladstein/Twitter.

More precisely, shortly after, the human rights defender published an image of the start of activities to promote the adoption of Bitcoin in 56 countries.

For his part, John Dennehy, founder of My First Bitcoin, believes so the revolution that the Salvadoran NGO started It’s less glamorous than a Hollywood film, but much more effective.

“With scenes like this, all over the world. As people strive to empower others in their own communities through Bitcoin education, we are laying the foundation upon which a better world can emerge.”

John Dennehy, founder of My First Bitcoin.

As CriptoNoticias previously reported, the El Salvador-based NGO was selected as a senior Latin American representative to win a grant from the Geyser Fund, a leading grantmaking organization promoting initiatives focused on peer-to-peer e-cash.

In addition, Mi Primer Bitcoin has already taught Bitcoin to more than 25,000 people in El Salvador and is training teachers so that the program can be taught in public schools in the Central American country.

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