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Milei talked about Bitcoin in Davos without actually mentioning it

Argentine President Javier Milei spoke about Bitcoin (BTC) without directly mentioning it in his speech to the world elite at the Davos Economic Forum yesterday. He did this by exposing the damage done to humanity by monetary issues, state interventionism, and “the parasites that live on the state.”

In his half-hour speech, the Argentine president began by saying that his message was addressed to all the business people present in the auditorium of the Swiss city, “and to those who followed him from all over the world.”

However, There were many Bitcoiners who identified with his ideasas they interpreted the Latin ruler's words as a confirmation of his beliefs and the transformative potential of the digital currency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Addressing heads of state, politicians, bankers, businessmen and executives from various industries, Milei reiterated that the social justice that has “been fashionable over the last decade” is actually “inherently unjust.” This is because “the state is financed by taxes and taxes are collected compulsorily.”

He took action against the so-called “political caste” and appeared forcefully on stage at an event that is a symbol of power and global elite. This is the annual meeting at which Some of the world's most influential leaders attend and are considered a showcase for ideas. and agendas that can influence the global economy, global governance and policy making.

In addition, the forum is known for putting some issues on the global agenda and attracting media attention, which can lead to greater monitoring and greater implementation of the issues discussed. Therefore, many consider it relevant that Milei spoke about freedom and the like Mention some basic principles that Bitcoin defendswithout explicitly talking about the groundbreaking digital currency.

In his first international speech as president, Milei surprised those present by pointing out that “the state is not the solution, but the problem itself,” as CriptoNoticias previously reported. “We are here to tell you that collectivist experiments are never the solution to the problems that plague the citizens of the world, but, on the contrary, their cause,” he added.

It was his way of expressing the message of economic freedom with which he won the Argentine elections, in a way highlights the importance of adopting assets like Bitcoin. This is an action that more and more people in the world are inclined to, as it features decentralization, self-sovereignty, resistance to censorship and pseudo-animation, elements that in turn challenge the state's control over individual freedom.

Milei's speech is the most viewed of all speeches posted on the World Economic Forum Davos YouTube channel. Source: World Economic Forum/YouTube.

More freedom, less control

After Milei's speech in Davos, everyone might wonder what would happen if state officials began supporting it and integrating it into their economies instead of associating it with fraud and illegal activities, as El Salvador has already done.

For some, it did not go unnoticed that Milei's message was present at the annual event, which brings together leaders from politics, business, science and civil society from around the world it summarized the ideological principles derived from free market anarchism.

These, along with the cypherpunk ideology, served as the basis for Satoshi Nakamoto to develop the technology to realize his dreams of emancipation from government supervision and achieving financial independence.

And then Milei struck with his words like a whip: “The countries that are freer, where they respect the economic freedom and property rights of the individual, are richer.” His sentence would easily have caught the ears of any citadel dweller or the circular Bitcoin economies spreading around the world can find traction.

They all agree that we need to tell the world that it is time to look for better and more solid money. And that's what they bet on The focus is on the separation of money and government control to preserve individual freedoms, which is the case with Bitcoin as it is not subject to monetary policy or government control.

In short, Milei came to the table in Davos and, without saying it, spoke directly about a country impoverished due to the merciless intervention of the state. It is also a country where Bitcoin acceptance and use has increased in recent years in response to severe inflation and the decline in the value of the national currency.

And now Milei said: Libertarianism is the model we propose for Argentina from the future. A model based on the fundamental principles of freedom: the defense of life and property.”

“If transactions are voluntary, market failure can only occur when there is coercion. And the only one capable of generally exercising coercion is the state, which has a monopoly on the use of force. So if someone thinks there is a market failure, I would recommend checking whether there is government intervention in between. And if you find that this is not the case, I would recommend that you take another look, because you have clearly made a mistake.”

Javier Milei, President of Argentina in Davos.

Freeing yourself from the idea that the state is the only one that controls the means of production and money was part of the recommendations Milei gave. And he applauded himself by pointing out that “fortunately, more and more of us are daring to speak out.” Because we see that if we don't fight these ideas head on, the only possible fate is that we will increasingly have more government, more regulation, more socialism, more poverty, less freedom and consequently a worse standard of living.”

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