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Mixed futures on Wall Street: Dow Jones up for ninth time and Nasdaq falls for Netflix and Tesla

Wall Street is beginning to reflect the expected negative results in its indicators. And although he The exception to the rule is the DOW JONES Ind Average. It starts showing up above 35,000 points and features eight consecutive up moves for the indicator with analysts intent to decide to take profits. Opening this Thursday, Wall Street’s most traditional indicator it increases by 0.30% and consolidates 34,164 points.

In the case of the S&P 500, it is seeing declines at the start of this fourth trading session of the week, falling 0.18% to 4,557 points Nasdaq, They are clearly in the downtrend as two of their great stocks have made it to the market: It thus fell by 0.61% to 14,274 points at the beginning of this Thursday

And it is that after-hours results from Tesla and Netflix, both released at the market close, are weighing on the indicator of technology and innovation stocks. Ahead of the opening, Elon Musk’s electric car company is being hit with declines that narrowed to as low as 2.80% as of early New York morning.

And it so happens that Tesla is up 136% over the year is being punished by its numbers and not by its sales level, which is rising in the second quarter. but by the decline of its margins, This is mainly due to the continuous price reductions when selling their vehicles. An aspect that will remain intact over time, as Elon Musk has assured.

In the case of NetflixThe figures were presented in line with the marketand given the improvement of two fundamental aspects for the company: the increase in subscribers, which consolidates it to 238.39 million with 5.89 new millions, and also the good results of the elimination of shared passwords.

However, it is heavily penalized in the market as dips occur before the open due to the decline in profitability in revenue per user. Since the new subscriptions will be in markets where revenues are lower due to the maturity of some countries, such as the United States. Its shares fell 6.11% before the open.

Johnson&Johnson increased by 2.4% in the pre-opening encouraged by the good results it has just released: not only does it beat market expectations with earnings per share of $2.80 and revenue of $25.53 billion in the last quarter, but also increased the forecasts for the full year thanks to the increase in sales in the medical technology sector.

In addition, good results for United Airlines, which increased its price by 3% in these first business minutes after beating market expectations.

While, taiwan semiconductor, down about 2% at opening after posting its first earnings drop in four years, because the demand for consumer electronics continues to fall.

Today it is also the turn of Travelers, American Airlines and Blackstone, among others. And according to some results worse than expected S&P 500 companies that reported results and beat expectations are down to 77%.

Turning to macroeconomic data, jobless claims fell to their lowest level in two months last week, suggesting that labor demand is still holding up amid subdued job creation. Down from 9,000 requests to 228,000 in the week ended July 15. That is also expected on his part The Philadelphia Fed Index is in negative territory for the 11th straight month.

Graduation yesterday the Dow Jones stood at 35,061.21 points, while the selective S&P 500 gained 0.24%, up to 4,565.72 integers and the Nasdaq Composite Market Index rose 0.03%up to 14,358.02 units.

Meanwhile, at fixed income securities the 10-year US bond increases its yield again up to 2%, after the falls of the last few days and puts its profitability at 3.82%while the two-year bond also climbs to 4.851%.

As for the oil price, it is slightly higher on both sides of the Atlantic this session. American West Texas earned 0.36% to $75.56 while European Brent is trading at 79.66, up 0.25%.

Now, if we look at currencies, we see that the euro-dollar relation starts losing positions and reaches the 1.12 units level and is at 1.1185 and the US Dollar Index rises to 100.16, gaining 0.17% on dollar appreciation.

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