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Home » Mt. Gox regulator delays paying out bitcoins to users until October 2023

Mt. Gox regulator delays paying out bitcoins to users until October 2023

Important facts:
  • The Mt. Gox administrator delayed the bitcoin payout until October 30th.

  • “Unless there are unavoidable reasons, it will be difficult to further extend the deadline,” he said.

The refund of 140,000 bitcoins (BTC) to users of the 2014 bankrupt Japanese exchange Mt. Gox has been postponed again, the administrator in charge of the compensation process announced on March 9.

In a public statement Indian that, after obtaining court permission, The deadline for choosing the payment method for compensation has been postponed from March 10 to April 6 (Japanese time).

The announcement does not mention when bitcoin payments could begin. Although he noted that the deadline, which would be September 30, has been pushed back to October 31 (Japan time).

The latter differs from previous statement, which estimated payments could begin as early as March 10 after users choose their payment method. Because of this, various analysts feared that there will be selling pressure in the market since then, which will pull the price of Bitcoin lower.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, some analysts believe that users could sell their bitcoins upon receipt to lock in profits due to the cryptocurrency’s appreciation since 2014. With the new postponement of compensation, however, this will not be possible for the time being.

Again, the opinion stated that “unless there are unavoidable reasons, a further extension of the term will be difficult”. Therefore, he estimated that it would be difficult He did not rule out a later postponement the new set time, which has already been delayed several times.

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