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OpenSea users are exposed to a new security vulnerability

OpenSea, a platform for selling and buying NFTs, warned its users on Saturday, September 23, that one of its service providers had suffered a security breach. As a result, sensitive information from your accounts on the website may have been leaked.

The company contacted its users via a E-mail. So he informed her about the incident and clarified it The data exposed is your API keys.

API stands for Application Programming Interface, translated from English. It is a tool that allows you to send a request from one platform to another application. API keys are an identifier that allows a user to be authenticated to use a service.

OpenSea clarified that they do not believe this will have “any immediate impact on their integration with our platform.” However, There are external agents who could use the leaked keys to use the rate limits assigned to you. For this reason, the company advised its customers to replace their current API keys with new ones. These can be generated via the platform.

The renowned non-fungible token (NFT) marketing site also reported that the current API keys will no longer be valid from October 2nd of the current year (2023). However, OpenSea did not disclose the number of users affected by the security breach. The name of the service provider who suffered the incident was also not disclosed.

OpenSea users must pay attention to the security of their accounts

This is not the first data leak suffered by OpenSea users due to security issues. In June 2022, CriptoNoticias reported an email leak that affected all users who had subscribed to the platform’s newsletter or ever provided them with their address.

On this occasion, OpenSea explained that the security breach occurred through its email provider and The perpetrator of the attack was a malicious employee.

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