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Home » Samourai Wallet Attacks Wasabi For Censoring Bitcoin Transactions: “You’ve Crossed The Limit”

Samourai Wallet Attacks Wasabi For Censoring Bitcoin Transactions: “You’ve Crossed The Limit”

Important facts:
  • Advertising the company that owns Wasabi “is a blot” on the community, they say.

  • Wasabi confirms itself as a wallet fighting against control systems.

A dialectical battle seems to be repeated on social networks, with two well-known Bitcoin wallets as protagonists. It’s about samourai and wasabi.

Through a publication On twitter, The Samourai development team accused their Wasabi peers of “crossing a line”.. The root of the criticism lies in the decision by zkSNACKs, the company behind Wasabi, to apply a filter to transactions going through the CoinJoin privacy protocol, as reported by CriptoNoticias in March 2022.

To filter the transactions, Wasabi has partnered with blockchain analytics firm Chainalyisis (“CA,” in multiple tweets in this thread).

The decision was controversial as CoinJoin aims to increase user privacy when sending and receiving Bitcoin. They now claim it is from wasabi try to prevent the processing of Bitcoins (BTC) originating from illegal activities.

Samourai yes has criticized this wasabi approach in the past. However, this Monday, April 4, he struck out again, writing, “The fact that this company continues to exist and is heavily promoted by influential charlatans is a major blemish on the community.”

Wasabi should not be considered when talking about privacy in Bitcoin, they argue from Samourai. Spring: /@SamouraiWalletTwitter.

“A ‘privacy’ wallet contracting with Chainalysis and sharing customer data with an adversary appears to be crossing a major red line,” they added. In response to their own message, they also criticized those who continue to promote wasabi “to the detriment of unsuspecting users”.

Wasabi’s point of view and his defenders

At the moment, Wasabi has not responded to Samourai’s criticism.. in one tweet The company even recently reiterated that its wallet “represents a radical force against repressive control systems.”

Despite the lack of “official” answers, several users instead took the flag and defended the project’s developers and their decisions.

Monero and samourai memes.
Followers of the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) scoff at the battle between the two bitcoin wallets. Spring: @MgkMshrmBrkfst/Twitter.

One user even had one short exchange with the Samourai account in terms of transaction information shared by each wallet. “Each transaction uses a different address and each UTXO has a different Tor identity in Wasabi 2.0. You haven’t even looked into Wasabi 2.0, have you? It’s been almost a year, catch up,” wrote Vlad “” Costea.

When Wasabi announced its new policy regarding CoinJoin, it was speculated that the decision could be linked to the wallet’s appearance among those who would have been used to launder funds stolen during The DAO’s hack in 2016 were, as this newspaper reported.

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