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Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's Best Kept Secret

On December 12, 2010, 13 years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto left his last public message on the BitcoinTalk forum, through which he communicated with the community. After that, it disappeared without a trace, a fact that is considered an important and necessary step for the security of Bitcoin, which exists as a financial alternative to money that remains under the control of states.

The date is rememberedevery year by the community, emphasizing the fact The creator of Bitcoin has decided to remain anonymous. “It is not only an act of conservation, but also a reminder that not everything in life is about personal glory,” commented one of the forum members.

However, the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto enjoys worldwide fame as he is the most recognized name in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, a fact that provides a lesson in how he managed to get rid of the project he created in order to put it to the service of humanity place.

There is a suspicion that Satoshi's disappearance may not have been planned, but rather a covert action by some states, which can go as far as assassinating political actors or leaders, so that their ideals also perish.

The community praises the work of Satoshi Nakamoto. Source: X/

Satoshi lives in code

Jack Dorsey has already commented on this when he pointed out that “if the CIA murdered Satoshi, it doesn’t matter because his idea lives in the code,” as CriptoNoticias reported. The founder of Twitter (now the project of Satoshi Nakamoto live in code.

Therefore, for Dorsey, one of the most important lessons left by Nakamoto's disappearance was the realization that, in addition to people, there are also creators, developers, What really matters is the code and that's why it needs to be protected.

With his message, Dorsey suggests that if in reality a security service had murdered Satoshi Nakamoto, in reality his idea could not be deleted as it remains protected by a compromised ecosystem that has made Bitcoin a network that has not yet been hacked could.

And if, on the contrary, it was Nakamoto who made the decision to disappear, today it has been shown that he made a good decision because he protected not only himself but also the project he created.

For Jack Dorsey The most important feature of Bitcoin is decentralizationmaking it a technological tool that eliminates the need to trust central authorities.

In general, the Bitcoin community believes that it is important for Satoshi Nakamoto to remain anonymous stands out often on the BitcoinTalk forum. Nakamoto's anonymity protects the integrity, decentralization and inclusivity of Bitcoin, three core principles of this technology.

There are people who argue that Satoshi Nakamoto's anonymity is a disadvantage. They believe that it is important for the community to know who the creator of the cryptocurrency is in order to trust it. Others believe that Nakamoto's anonymity hinders Bitcoin-related research.

However, the community generally believes in it It is important that Satoshi Nakamoto remains anonymoussince in this way its technology, decentralization and inclusivity of Bitcoin, three of its core principles, are protected so that it survives.

Therefore, the disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto is part of the essential elements of the existence of Bitcoin, a system that separates individuals from the interests of the state and makes this possible because it is a decentralized instrument.

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