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Send a Coinbase wallet already funded with cryptocurrencies via WhatsApp link

Important facts:
  • Sending cryptocurrencies this way is free, Coinbase reports.

  • Coinbase Wallet is available in 20 languages ​​and over 170 countries.

Coinbase is adding a new way to send cryptocurrencies between its Web3 wallets. Now you can create a link that allows a sender without a wallet to receive cryptocurrencies in a Coinbase wallet.

This show is possible via any platform or application that allows sharing links, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram and even email or SMS. The sender can copy the link in text format and thus send it to the sender of the cryptocurrencies via virtually any communication channel.

If the sender has a Coinbase wallet, the link will redirect them directly to requesting the coins. If you don't have it, This will allow you to download the Coinbase Wallet iOS or Android app. Once downloaded, the coins are inside and the user just needs to claim them within a period of less than 2 weeks. If the deadline is exceeded without collection, the cryptocurrencies will be returned to the payer's Coinbase wallet Account in the company.

“Coinbase Wallet: Send money with a link. Send USDC to anyone by sharing a link.” Source: Coinbase

Coinbase Wallet: Messaging + Payments

According to a official announcementCoinbase Wallet is available in 20 languages ​​and more than 170 countries and shipments through this wallet can be “claimed anywhere in the world at any time.” Among other functions too has an on-ramp to cryptocurrencies with local money in more than 130 countries, with payment methods such as Pix in Brazil, Instant P2P Bank in Nigeria or GCash in the Philippines.

Additionally, Coinbase Wallet allows you to purchase USDC commission-free from any provider where Coinbase Pay is available, and also send it commission-free across the Arbitrum, Avax, Base, Optimism, and Polygon networks.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this wallet is its integration with Coinbase Newsa type of social network created by the exchange that allows you to make payments using cryptocurrencies and send messages and notifications to any .eth, or .lens address

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