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So you can receive or pay with cryptocurrencies without commissions

For you, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are synonymous with power. Why? Very simple: they allow you to manage and manage your money without being dependent on government agencies, banks or other institutions. Digital assets allow you to send or receive payments anywhere in the world anonymously and with low commissions.

There are currently platforms designed to accomplish this task. Give everyone power and financial freedom. This is the case ChangeToCypto. Their goal is very clear: to be a meeting point between those who want to pay for a product or service using cryptocurrencies and those who want to receive payments in digital currencies.

Unlike exchanges or marketplaces, this is not a transaction service. This is a kind of public directory in which you can find providers and buyers of services and products who are willing to pay or receive cryptocurrencies.

That kind of platforms Promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies when establishing connections. The ability to pay for basic goods or services like rent, repairs or groceries without having to rely on fiat money is helping more and more people to use digital assets and realize the great potential of Bitcoin technology.

This can bust the myth that cryptocurrencies are only for technology, trading, or financial specialists. Yes, digital currencies are for everyone. They help bridge the gap created by the traditional financial system, which millions of people do not have access to.

ChangeToCrypto: the platform for paying or receiving payments with cryptocurrencies without commissions

Please note that ChangeToCrypto is not an exchange with P2P services (Peer to peer). Actually, It is about one community project. The platform serves as a bridge between buyers and providers of products or services, but no payments are processed on it.

The idea is that both groups connect via ChangeToCrypto for free. Once the users connect, Payments are made privately between them.

In case you were wondering, the platform is supported by donations and makes sure it is website that all its services are and will remain free.

For example, imagine you need to rent an apartment in a certain city and you want to pay with cryptocurrencies. ChangeToCrypto will show you all the options available in the region for that particular service. Once you have found it, you can contact the landlord directly. And with that, the work of the platform is over, the rest is up to you and the other user.

On the other hand, if you want to provide the product or service and receive payments in cryptocurrencies, the platform works the same way. You only have to to register with a name and zip code address. So people close to you can safely find you and communicate with you.

The benefits of being part of the ChangeToCrypto community

ChangeToCrypto supports an unlimited number of cryptocurrencies as payment methods, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). Also, users can agree to use a different currency. However, remember that you do not have to pay any fees to use the platform. Payments are made directly to the provider you have commissioned.

One advantage of ChangeToCrypto is data protection which it makes available to its users. And you don’t need to register with your real name unless you are a business owner who wants to offer their services on the platform.

You should also not give your exact address, the zip code and the city where you live or where your business is located will suffice. This is important information as users need to know if you are in an area near them.

As for that registration process, there are two ways to do this. On the one hand as a service provider, which is displayed with a green dot on the map when searching. The second is a service search engine, marked with a blue dot. In both cases, the data for creating an account are identical.

If you are a vendor but also want to pay for products or services with cryptocurrencies, you can use the same account to search for other vendors near you or anywhere in the world.

Note that ChangeToCrypto is a new project and still under development. So if you can’t find any users near you, don’t worry. Over time, you are more likely to join the community.

Visit the site from ChangeToCrypto and stay up to date on their social networks: Facebook, Twitter And Instagram.

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