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Strike and Bitfinex provide safe work for El Salvador bitcoin developers

Important facts:
  • Students of the CUBO program receive scholarships to complete the elite phase.

  • After graduation, developers can travel to Lugano and Italy to attend new camps.

21 young people from El Salvador have been classified for completing the elite phase of CUBO+, El Salvador’s university program training developers of Bitcoin and the Lightning network.

This was reported today by Stacy Herbert, a director of the National Bitcoin Office, which coordinates this type of educational activity and others related to the cryptocurrency pioneer in Salvadoran territory.

in one tweet Released today, Herbert explains that of the 54 college students who started the program, “21 have just received full scholarships” to complete the next phase of the CUBO+ program.

This means that students will receive full board and accommodation for the next three weeks. Young at this stage Attend conferences and boot camps with engineers experience and educators. Including Peter Todd, Jimmy Song and Lisa Neigut and others.

“And by the end of the course, the students will be Bitcoin and Lightning developers ready to build the great future of El Salvador.” Herbert adds.

After completing this elite phase and graduating as a Bitcoin and Lightning developer, Young people are guaranteed positions in the most important companies in the sectorincluding Bitfinex, Strike, Galoy, Ibex, Tiankii and others.

More Education for Salvadoran Bitcoin Developers

Later they have the opportunity to travel to Lugano, Switzerland and then to Italy to participate in new camps, hackathons and tutorials in October.

Recall that El Salvador opened a Bitcoin embassy in the Swiss city of Lugano with the idea of ​​working together on best practices to encourage BTC adoption in their respective territories. As a matter of fact, CUBO+ is the result of the agreements between Lugano and El Salvador.

As CriptoNoticias previously reported, the first phase of the CUBO program started in April. And as part of that experience, the students participated a personal talk by Saifedean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard (The Bitcoin pattern).

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