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Technology, banking and tourism, the sources of investment that can bring happiness

This week, artificial intelligence was the focus of market interest. Nvidia’s surpassing the trillion-dollar mark has, if possible, drawn more investor attention to this type of company. The Nvidia case is reminiscent of Apple, another great technology that has investors feverish. Where will the next “Apple moment” take place on the stock exchange? Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly that moment. The now-famous Apple spent many years in the doldrums and isolated from investors until its late president launched the famous iPod and changed everything. Investors are looking for these types of companies that create gigantic opportunities in the stock market.

Of course, it must also be taken into account that rate hikes are particularly damaging to the most heavily indebted companies, including technology companies. The rise in the price of money causes financing costs to rise and interest on fixed income issues to become increasingly expensive for companies.

Looking at the Ibex 35, the Spanish middle banks pass the US bankruptcy stress test with flying colors. Many analysts were predicting a deeper downturn in Spain’s financial sector when the US Federal Reserve intervened at US bank Silicon Valley Bank on March 10th. Its shares plunged 60% on Wall Street after the company announced a $2,250 million capital increase as it lacked liquidity to meet its customers’ requests and fear spread to all stock markets.

From June there will also be seven Ibex 35 stocks with a potential of over 40%. The month of May was a difficult month for the Ibex 35. Nervousness about the US debt ceiling has spread to the Spanish floor, leaving the selective Madrid anchored at around 9,200 points. But a good handful of stocks are on the verge of a breakthrough once the dust settles: Up to seven companies have upside potential of more than 40%, according to analyst recommendations.

As summer approaches, the tourism sector is gaining momentum, and with a tailwind for several years. Tourism values ​​after the pandemic, is it a matter of time before prices recover?

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The Japanese market went unnoticed by many investors. In the various roundtables we’ve held this year, few managers have mentioned this market. The Nikkei stock average jumped above 33-year highs last week, recalling more than once the time when the late Prime Minister Shinzo Abe implemented his signature economic policies known as Abenomics. These policies included ultra-loose monetary policy and fiscal stimulus packages that boosted the market in 2012, primarily from foreign investors. There are several Japanese companies that Berkshire has increased its stake in. Why is Japan leading at Berkshire Hathaway?

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