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The construction of the Bitcoin City Airport in El Salvador has started

After receiving the necessary permits, work began at El Salvador’s Pacífico Airport, also known as Bitcoin City Airport. At the point where the air terminal is to work, earth is being removed with heavy machinery.

Work on the construction of Pacific Airport began a few weeks ago Consideration the Youtuber Albert Sánchez on his channel. Using aerial footage, he showed the implementation of the project announced by President Nayib Bukele in late 2021 after allowing Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. At the beginning of the project, the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) provided around 73 million US dollars, as reported by local media.

They also show in several videos circulating on social networks show Several tractors and excavators from the Ministry of Public Works work in the town of Flor de Mangle in the department of La Unión in eastern El Salvador. exactly where the airport is to be built.

Construction of the Aeropuerto del Pacífico began shortly after El Salvador received the necessary environmental permits to build the complex. The approval was obtained from the CEPA, as reported by CriptoNoticias in February this year.

Likewise, construction work began after this was confirmed Plans for Bitcoin City still existalthough they have not been made official by the government of El Salvador.

The construction of Pacific Airport has drawn criticism from the community. Some organizations have questioned the project for alleged environmental damage what these jobs entail.

They also criticize that so far, CEPA “has not paid most owners the negotiated price for the land that the construction will take over,” according to members of the project called MalaYerba.

However, the Commission said so a few days ago at least 52 families who lived in the area planned for the construction of Bitcoin City Airport, they were resettled.

The airport and Bitcoin City are sister projects

Pacific Airport and Bitcoin City in El Salvador are Bukele-sponsored projects. As a matter of fact, Both initiatives were presented at the same time The Mexican architect Fernando Romero, who was awarded the Bitcoin City for his work, was responsible for the design.

The construction of Bitcoin City would also be funded by the so-called “Volcano Bonds,” which the government plans to use to raise $1,000 million. The legal framework that will allow the issuance of these bonds has recently been approved and cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex will be responsible for this production and distribution.

With the construction of Bitcoin City, the Bukele government wants to encourage the adoption of Bitcoin, make the country stand out through this ecosystem and attract foreign investment.

As a matter of fact, it would be a near-tax-free city and its power supply would be provided by geothermal energy. In the city Bitcoin mining farms would be installed that operate free of pollutants. The city said it would start construction in 2022.

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